Snowfall in the Balkans does not spare neither the president nor the patients

Pyatidesyatipyatiletny Khalid clearing snow until dusk and give way to the entrance of his home in the Sarajevo area Dobrinja. The snow cover in the Bosnian capital exceeds 100 centimeters. In mountainous areas, such as Belashnitse, snow has already reached two meters.

"There's no way. If tomorrow the snow will not stop, we just have nowhere to dump it!" — Khalid worries, pointing to swept cars and dumpsters.

"This we have never been — according to local veteran. — In Sarajevo, a lot of snow fell in 1984, when the Olympics was held, and another in 1999, but what is happening now is a disaster!"

Elements raged

His concern seems to be shared by the local authorities, who declared on Saturday in Sarajevo and some other areas of disaster mode.

On narrow paths, path along the same building as volunteers, as Khalid, hurry rare pedestrians. Before darkness should get home, not to get bogged down in the snow. On the eve of many citizens were forced to travel on foot in the outlying areas, because urban transport almost stopped working. And some have had to spend the night in the trams stopped snow.

Spending the night in the mountains

Unplanned overnight — though not in a cold tram, and luxurious hotel in the ski resort of Jahorina — fell to the presidents of Serbia and HorvatiiBorisa Tadic and Ivo Josipovic. Only on Saturday afternoon, they came down from the mountains, where they had to spend the night after the informal regional summit. The two leaders were able to take the course, respectively, Belgrade and Zagreb only after working all night snow machines cleared the roads on Jahorina. The way home was long: many trails in the country blocked due to avalanches, and all flights to Sarajevo International Airport canceled.

For whom — the problem, and for whom — Entertainment

However, a natural disaster is a challenge for all — for some it is, on the contrary, entertainment. Especially for those who have a sled, skis, snowboards and snow-cats. While due to the dangerous weather closed ski resorts, skiing can be arranged in the snow maze of city parks and yards. Some people like to dive into the snow from the windows of their homes and then post the video images in the media and social networks.

Classes in schools and colleges exams until canceled — one more reason to celebrate.

Lacked the technology, no hands

Forever scurrying for Sarajevo taxi now in short supply. And dig out their cars, many citizens do not hurry, do not see much point in that. After the snow continues to fall, and in addition, losing a place to park, the new no longer find.

Snow removal equipment, working around the clock trying to clear at least the main road. The little streets and many back roads hands could not reach. Entrance to many villages, especially in the highlands, is not there. That here and there to rescue people trapped under the rubble. Some people without food and water already night waiting for help on the road: power and fuel is running out.

"We could not open the door this morning and leave the house, because we have about five feet of snow, — complains Biljana, a resident of one of the Serb village near Sarajevo. — Free us from the neighboring house husband's brother, but the work is still one of us could not get to. "

Family waited all day son, who managed to get to the house and bring the necessary food for several days.

Doctors do not get

To come to the aid of their relatives or friends, have been cut off from the outside world, we have to hike for many kilometers distance. Even the ambulance doctors often have to walk for hours to his patients. Sometimes we can not help them. On Friday, at least six people died in various cities in Bosnia, for reasons related to the bad weather conditions. In one case was not timely provided medical care, in other cause of death was excessive physical load for snow removal or chronic.

Reach some hospitals these days, too easy. On the morning of the Mostar hospital on hand brought a pregnant woman, the other had to give birth on the way to hospital.

Brought all the Balkans

According to the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the most difficult situation is in the south and east. The armed forces were ordered to prepare a technique that can be used to help people. First of all, we are talking about machines for snow removal and helicopters for the possible evacuation of the sick and wounded, the delivery of humanitarian aid, food and medicine.

Heavy snowfall and prolonged cold shackled not only in Bosnia, but also other countries in the Balkan Peninsula. Thousands of people have been cut off from the outside world due to snow drifts, disturbances and transport disruptions to energy supply in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Slovenia. On the Adriatic coast hurricane speed sometimes reaches 200 kilometers per hour. In many parts of the state of emergency, there is a victim. In the coming days, meteorologists do not predict good weather.

Yulia Petrovskaya

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