Sold-out party at the Pushkin CDL

"It sounds divine word …"

Sold-out party at the Pushkin CDL

Ands every year on the anniversary of the death of Alexander Pushkin's Bureau of propaganda literature at the Union of Writers of Russia holds recitals in the Great Hall of the Central House of Writers. Always comes on them a large number of people, but as many people as February 10 of this year, I have not seen for a long time.

In the not so little lobby CDL — unusual sea animals. People are packed tightly, literally shoulder to shoulder. The queues in wardrobes start right at the entrance doors. Before the start of another 20 minutes, and have nowhere an apple fall. Organizers frankly confused: they did not expect that on Sunday, when everyone is busy with household chores, gush "on Pushkin's" as many viewers. Realizing that I do not have time, if I stand for number plates (and I speak first), take off my jacket and with it under his arm, not without difficulty picking their way to the second floor. In the foyer of the Great Hall is also a crush, and the hall, meanwhile, is already full! People are standing in the aisles, in the lobby of the second and first floors of a Broadcast been established.

And all this is happening in someone else's already almost, one might say, a city! Go out at least for most Nikitsky, though Povarskaya — and here it is, Moscow "business people" and thieves! We have them here literally face-to-face encounter: they fall out of the jeep, heading to their "hands" and "gatherings", as we go from the subway to the literary evenings and literary events. So, please, cafe "Old phaeton" next to the CDL belonging recently killed "grandfather" Hassan, a bit further — the restaurant "Four-wheel series," where he, in fact, murdered. Sunday in Moscow fires schizoid advertising … and drat!

It seems that in the sold-out February 10 — Bureau of considerable merit promotion of literature and the Writers' Club CDL. For many years, every night at Memorial Day and the birthday of Pushkin is dedicated to one of his works — "The Snowstorm", "Ruslan and Lyudmila", "Queen of Spades", "The Bronze Horseman." Patrons CDL not only accustomed to this fine tradition, but also spread the rumor about her on cultural Moscow. A television dealers still we insist that literary non-profit program supposedly doomed to failure! Say, be happy that we are celebrating anniversaries of the classics on the channel "Culture". After all, could not celebrate! In fact — who would punish them for it?

And people have "legs" vote for "nezrelischnye" program. Attend a concert of the Kuban Cossack Chorus, Ensemble Russian song "Russian woman." Such a sell-out!

And fewer and fewer people live molodyaschihsya "stars of show business." But for some reason they are not sent to the farthest fringes of state TV, where they belong, and Russian culture.

Therefore, it is appropriate sounded surprisingly videoprologe read in the evening poem by Anatoly Peredreeva:

All defenseless soul

In the grip of a calculating world

What made an idol

Out of the dark power of lucre.


All the exposure of its essence,

Its sales base

Where is all something,

Where a word is worth nothing.


And all the more, all the more distinct

In his soulless criminal

The huge world of your soul,

Your proud voice incorruptible.


Sounds divine word,

In his indisputable greatness,

Through the roaring ocean waves

World vulgarity godless …


You light my genius

Elevate the soul of humanity,

And the world is going to meet you

Tormented by spiritual thirst.

Genre Pushkin evenings in the Central House of Writers — "the theater of the book," that is, literary and musical composition with artistic and musical illustrations. This year's program was dedicated to the 180th anniversary of the publication of the complete edition of "Eugene Onegin."

Music editor and performer of musical support programs (and all programs of Pushkin) was a great pianist, Honored Artist of Russia, associate professor of the Moscow Conservatory Pauline Fedotov, thinly understands Pushkin Pushkin's word and images. Read Pushkin's works also well-known to visitors tsedeelovskih evenings People's Artist of Russia Valentin Klement'ev and artists Larisa Savchenko, Maria and Ivan Pyankova Golev for which Pushkin's work — not just another concert work, and the theme of life.

Opened the organizer of the evening and early evenings Alla Pankov, Director, Office of propaganda literature. She recalled the words pushkinist Valentine Nepomnyastchy that in "Eugene Onegin," Pushkin "coded fate of Russia", and the key to it is the image of Tatiana, which embodied the ideal of the Gospel of love — the love that "patient and kind does not seek its own , thinketh no evil, and all the covers, always trusts, always hopes, and all will never cease. " That's why I became a "Eugene Onegin", "encyclopedia of Russian life", and in a broader sense — the literary basis of the Russian character, the Russian idea.

My speech I will not retell, good essay on this topic entitled "Taites you pavilions round about him under the law …" (Mystery of the death of the great poets), "published in the" Century "6. 06. 2012, and interested readers can review it under "Version", not leaving, so to speak, from the site.

Next, the audience was presented with a sophisticated literary and musical journey (read Onegin stanzas performance of an aria from Tchaikovsky's "Eugene Onegin") across, in essence, Pushkin's novel.

A kind of immersion in that era, the world of the novel's characters was through video show, not just supplementing game artists, and creates an indescribable atmosphere of a literary evening.

Author, director and performer Video — Irina Pankov, interesting stories which are always organically integrated into a number of imaginative and musical composition. In particular, it has prepared a video film with an outstanding singer, People's Artist of the USSR, the legendary performer of Lensky in the Bolshoi Theater Sergei Lemesheva. Surprisingly, the audience applauded film-actor, which is more than half a century, no longer alive.

A real discovery for the students became involved in the production of young, amazingly talented singer — a fifth-year student of the Moscow Conservatory a
nd the soloist of the "New Opera" Elizabeth Soin. Her rendition of "Letters of Tatiana" and the aria in the final part of Tchaikovsky's opera marked not only the vocals of high professional level, but also the free possession of the material and deep insight into the exact nature of Pushkin's heroine. Gracefulness and plasticity of the singer in harmony with a confident and convincing force that it produces an image. Bolshoi soloist Igor Matyuhin wonderfully sung aria Gremina Pushkin's song "If life deceive you" included in the composition in place of arias at a ball at Tric Larin — as a kind of prediction Lena.

At the end of the evening sounded "Meditation" by Tchaikovsky in a bright, exciting performance of young violinist Sophia Fedotovoj. Under this magical Russian music on the screen have the best portraits of Pushkin different years, Russia Pushkin places, numerous editions of his works, an office and a desk of the poet, the images of his heroes, memorial stele at the site of the duel on the Black River, Nikita servant who makes a wounded Pushkin House , snow-covered road leading to the Church of the Monastery …

The evening ended, but people did not disperse and already dressed, crowded near the entrance, shared their impressions and what he saw and heard … It's a shame that such a hard and serious work has been done only for one night!

After all, he had a charity event, the tickets were free. Prepared a wonderful musical score, the most interesting videos, artists 'got used' to the text … This should have been recorded on the "figure" … Is this song no one else sees? Sorry, sorry …

And remember one detail in the retelling of Alla Pankov. Before the beginning of the evening, she asked a crowd of people near the Central House of Writers on the kind of event they came from, and she replied, "They came to our commemoration of Pushkin." And said — "our Pushkin."

PS By popular demand spectators the organizers have decided to repeat the evening. It will take place on March 26 at 18.30 in the Great Hall of the Central House of Writers.

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