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When it comes to aliens — they are usually out what they show in Hollywood foolishness: low, ovoid with disproportionately large heads, with large slanted eyes.

It was such they are described by witnesses, people who, as they say, came in contact with the crews of UFOs. But it turns out, there are other aliens from other worlds are very similar to us, almost indistinguishable from the earthlings. And they are, it seems, has long here on earth among us. Who are they, living beings or biorobots — say no one will undertake. But seeing them already fixed …

Outset: when it comes to UFOs, the creatures arriving at them, we used to call the aliens, although there is no reliable evidence that any of them reported it to us earthlings. The newcomers, most importantly, persistently avoid entering into information contact with Homo sapiens. The result is something strange: fly in, twisted and flew away. But after flying to another planet, no matter where it is not a hike for his native city. It is inevitably linked with huge energy consumption to move in space. Any intelligent creatures will go to them only if they receive some very important information about the Earth and its inhabitants. But this is impossible without contact with the natives, kotorogo-to not! There is an insoluble contradiction.
But only at first glance. In fact it is not, as long enlonavty are among us, and we do not suspect it.

Here are just a few credible evidence to that effect.

Says academician of the Academy of Astronautics LN Melnikov:
"I myself 20 years ago when the situation is quite commonplace met a man at the sight of which instantly had an idea:" A stranger is not it? ". Meeting took place in Moscow's crowded bus station in the district of" Dynamo. "I was sitting and a man 60 years standing. Immediately struck by one thing: he had a nose, which for me is the bottom shone through, and this was his nose with one nose hole. impression was that the man cut off his nose and put in its place the prosthesis, by type of plastic. I'm just saying about the experience. Otherwise, he is also scared of his strangeness and wonder that it was difficult to explain. Maybe some special cold, ice cold, dispassionate view. short, then I have almost no doubt that I met a stranger. "

Tell the full members of the Russian Geographical Society, Konstantin Wolff and Edward Gapevsky:
"On a February evening in 1981 in Leningrad hotel" Moscow "three of its collaborators, translators G. Eshkileva (hereinafter -G.E.), K. Ter-Avanesyan (KT) and Matveeva (SM ) were hit with a meeting with an unusual man. Two women were in the lobby at their jobs behind the counter at the entrance on the left, and the third stood at the counter. Suddenly a man appeared in the hall. He was not on the front doors, and the column in the center of the hall. Perplexed looking around, as if he did not know where he was.

— Girls, where you can call? — Very loudly asked the man, as if descended from the ceiling.
— We looked at each other — told later KT — and smiled: it is not accepted at the hotel to speak loudly. Phone he was given, but warned that it official.

— I know everything, but I have to call it an urgent and very important job! — The stranger said, and sat down heavily on the counter a metal object. — I am a mechanic spacecraft, — he continued — if I do not find his assistant, we can not fly! We have a breakdown!
We gave him the phone, and themselves almost died laughing.
The reaction of the hotel employees understand all this at first seemed hoax.
— We all shook the man's voice — shows KT — never in my life heard such a voice. First, it was very loud, as passed through the microphone. Second, without any emotion, completely flat, like metal, like the voice of the robots from the movies. Measured words separated by pauses.

On the exterior of the stranger KT says:
— … He looked about 45 years old. The face of the European type, oval. Normal eyes, brown, small. Perhaps the only stand out big, aquiline nose. It gave him the appearance of a southern man. Dark skin color, but not to the same extent as in mulatto. Black hair. Perhaps he had not shaved for two days, on the face — beard. Was not dressed for the season: without a coat, a winter outside. Blunt brown boots not been cleaned.
How did he get to the hotel? On this occasion, all the witnesses were perplexed. Enter in the "Moscow" was only possible from the street through the main entrance, and he is always under the control of the porters who do not let outsiders. Emergency exits are locked permanently. Meanwhile, no one has the impression that a visitor came in from the street. And he went up to the rack on the input side, and from the middle of the hall.
So, the man dialed and started talking:

— This is me … Need to meet … Otherwise, do not have time to repair and take off …
Then he pulled away from the tube and stunned all the question:
— Girls, and where am I?
— Then how do you get here, if you do not know where you are? — He replied, GE
To this he did not respond and persistently repeated his question, and then declined to specify where the nearby subway station and the name. Schedule an appointment at the metro, he hung up the phone and thanked the employees of the hotel. Then he took a metal object and threw it all again in a matter of astonishment:
— And how get out of here?
SM waved her hand, pointing to the street.
— Right here? — Said the man, pointing to the window.
— Let not the same! Go back through the door! — And she sent it to the exit.
KT traced: here it was in the gap between the glass wall and door, and then have to walk past the window … But it did not — he was gone, vanished!

So what, some kind of crazy? However, his behavior does not speak in favor of this version: "He had a look of a man in his right mind, but indifferent, absent.'s Face — no emotion. Everything said quite seriously, quietly, without a shadow of a smile," — says SM Her colleague KT confirms: "The eyes — like a normal, sane person, but they do not express. Which ones-glass, a look at a single point."

The story of a professional driver Yuri Liman. It is early Sunday chime in 1985 returned to his "Moskvich-412" in the Murmansk Leningrad highway. Suddenly, the engine stalled. While the engine was new and worked perfectly. What had to stop and look for the cause. Next Liman says: "I was standing, leaning over the engine, when suddenly he heard a man's voice:" Hello, "I straightened up on the side stood a man of medium height 45-47.
His appearance was completely unexpected and surprising. Place an open circle. On the highway was deserted, no counter, no trucks. People also do not have. "

Occurred about the dialogue. "Are you going to Leningrad? Will take me to the border of the city? -" Please, only I stalled the engine. "-" To close the hood and drove off. Everything will be OK. "
I do not understand why the driver did not object. The man sat down in the front seat. Oddly enough, the car started up immediately. They rode in silence for a while. Suddenly, the man offered:
— Do you want to show focus? Stop here.

Slowed down by the side without turning off the engine. At 100-110 meters was visible sign "Leningrad".
— So, the — the man continued — now I will go out and in a moment I will have a sign. But consider: when you're talking about it, you still will not believe.

J. Liman: "He came out of the cabin, shut the door. I closely watched his movements. Few seconds stood at the hood, then I blinked … and could not believe my eyes. A man was standing on the roadside next to the pointer! Around neither the soul. few more seconds, and my passenger … instantly disappeared, do not fall through the ground, and it was gone, like a light bulb The disabled. However, I felt the full reality of what is happening. On reaching the place, I carefully examined the adjoining plot, went down into the ditch , inspected the bushes — no one. "

Yuri Liman describes the appearance of a mysterious passenger: it was a man of medium height, athletic build, with the face of a European-style, with the Russian mind. Facial features are common. With normal proportions. No scars or spots. All clothes are ironed, brand-new and free of dust or dirt. The impression of a cultured person. Behaved normally kept loose, sometimes smiling.
But perhaps the most bizarre impressive evidence of the journalist Victor Potapov. He writes: "Over the years the editor of" The Secret Power "I had to see a lot of amazing, strange and dangerous people. One day in 1996, my office is a woman came from Australia, or New Zealand."

Next there was such a dialogue. When Potapov offered to communicate in English as well speak this language, the visitor for some time hesitated, but then said:
— It is not, do not have will not be good, right. In Russian, to speak only in Russian …
Okay, okay. And then a journalist for the first time carefully look at her. "As a woman, she was quite unattractive, although well built, — says Vladimir Potapov. — Easy to dress opened only thin brown arms and the same thin narrow face. His I remember well: big, but not too much, aquiline nose, high cheekbones , the average completeness lips. usual chin. It did not have any memorable traits, except that his eyes — they were black, and no matter what was discussed dispassionately missing. Agree: any person who is trying to speak in a language which he do not know, should receive some kind of feeling. "

So they talked. Potapov frankly admits "that was sweating, delving into the essence of her phrases, realizing the strength of the half," she had heard another "I do not understand," moved on to the next question. After half an hour he began to think: what it, in fact, necessary? She obviously was not going to write for the "secret government". It elicits! How do you feel about tomu-to and tomu-to what you think about this or the other. And all the time with great speed pawing words until it finds necessary, only then insert them into the sentence. That is operated on the principle of machine translation. However, she did not try to at least occasionally replace Russian English words. Looks like she did not know English!

Potapov, "That's all grasped from our conversation: its purpose was interested in newspapers and plans for the future, and if I believe … Then came the long list of questions, half of which revolved around issues of UFOs and extraterrestrial life … "

On this matter does not end there. Soon after, Potapov tested hypnotist international category Moshkov Peter, with whom they have tried to deal with this visit.
So when, during a hypnosis session, they "examined" the visitor strange, I immediately noticed two parts: first, not only his eyes remained impassive throughout the two hours, but the face — it was completely devoid of facial expressions. Secondly, this woman was not only unattractive, as at first it seemed as alien! Is that a black, close-cropped hair was by the ordinary, but everything else … "It's all been a bit of a misnomer, as if a little bit differently arranged skeleton, muscles are a relief. Oh and feeling … You know that when confronted with another person, you come in contact biofield. So, if the frequency their oscillations match, you start with a sympathy for the man. "

But what is strange, said Potapov regarding visitors of then against it, he felt no sympathy or antipathy, and the alienation and stress. Later, a psychic explained, this means that a foreigner had great aura of human characteristics.

In addition, midges found clear signs of hypnotic effect on Potapov. In particular, they have not been able to restore her name, obviously, it has been erased from the memory. Second, it turns out, Potapov repeatedly asked her questions about the purpose of her visit. She answered something, but what exactly — is unknown. During hypnosis sessions was clearly visible, as stir her lips, but they did not fly with no sound!
And another very important point. There were a couple of pictures in which a woman suddenly disappeared from the cabinet, and then, slowly, through the back door. Victor Potapov writes: "Focus subconscious — I asked Moshkova." Oh no, the subconscious mind, as opposed to consciousness, can not lie, it was true, "- he said. So prishelitsa disappeared for some reason, and soon came back again . And it passed by my mind. "

And that's what tells the LA Sukharev:
"November 11, 1989 I arrived at the airport and Adler decided to leave the bag in an auto locker. Attendant named Eddie was talking to his friend, the seller Vanya. Came here 25 years old guy, taller than average, thick. With disheveled hair, pale person deprived of any facial expressions. His eyes ran distractedly, it seemed that he was searching for something. Drove it somehow awkward, I would say, retarded. "

Then there was this. No greeting, as if no one was noticing, he examined the wall, looked under the bench. Seeing that there is an electrical outlet, splayed fingers of his right hand poked sitting Vanya and commanding tone said, "Move over!"

Everyone was very surprised and, of course, outraged. He tried to say something, but a wave of his hand and walked out. A few minutes later came back again bent down to the outlet. To the question "What do you seek?" He looked at Edik and literally became squeezed out of himself: "I gave … hat … scarf … forgot …"
Then they began to try to find out: what he forgot to write down the number of his cell, is it not the same is it? The guy was surprised: "What is written, why should I write?" All the time he spoke with difficulty, forcing a every word. Then he was asked from which city he came or went by train. He thought a moment and said, "Sverdlovsk". And repeated slowly, syllable by syllable: "Airplane", and then abruptly, as if awakened, "No, I went down on the unit. Here you have a different atmosphere, a lot of pressure. Gave me upset."
Everyone froze for a moment, felt uneasy. LA Sukharev, in her confession, somehow managed to maintain her composure and asked, "How — on the unit? On the plate, or what?". And he said, slightly exasperated, repeated: "No, I went down to the unit."

Edik then grabbed his shoulder, "Give me an outlet I charged." Duty is nothing to do but to do this fantastic request. Edward, frightened, ran out of the room, and what happened next, Sukharev watched herself.

The guy sat down on a bench face angle of the outlet. Then the right hand firmly took hold of the sill, and the index and middle finger to put a wall outlet. It shook, his face covered with blue spots. But after 10-15 seconds, he removed his hand from the wall and strongly shook his head. Blue spots were gone. Strange guy got up and walked to the door and on the move said: "All I remember!" Now he uttered the words clearly, without strain.
"When he came out, looked at the camera store and Eddie is another duty. Both kept their heads, as if they ached. I, on the contrary, it was a very good reason, even fun. One of them asked:" Who was that? " I replied without hesitation: "ET" I do not know why I said so "- writes in conclusion, LA Sukharev.

Of course, to draw final conclusions about the intentions and plans of enlonavtov not yet. But one thing is clear: human beings are not the only form of life in the universe. And if the aliens are going to one day join us in touch, for sure they will try to thoroughly examine pre future partners. And the most effective way to do this — to live among the people under the pretense of their tribesmen, respectively, changing their appearance with the help of biotechnology is not known to us. And, perhaps, with the help of bio-robots, a hook is likely to be in the Adler airport.

Then the question is: where does come enlonavty? There can be only one of the parallel worlds.
Ancient legends are traditionally considered naive figment of our distant ancestors. In fact, they often contain such knowledge, particularly of the universe, which are now in the new formulations are presented as the fundamental discoveries of modern science. This also applies to parallel worlds.
According to the esoteric teachings of the universe, there are 7 different spaces that make up the whole, and our Earth — the only one of them at number three. Besides her, there are 2 lower, more "rough", and the top 4 — "thin" in the world. Although all seven worlds are overlapping, to overcome the barriers that separate them takes a lot of energy that our civilization is not able to concentrate in a limited space, the transition point. But the thermonuclear explosions punched "holes" between the worlds. And no one knows what are the implications for the rest of the six inter-related spatial and temporal realities, ie parallel worlds, and those who inhabit them.

Today, the existence of parallel worlds is recognized by prominent physicists, who gave it the scientific explanation. The foundation of the universe is a quantum world. It manifests itself in the form of parallel worlds, each of which is no less real than the others. All of which are "tied" to any celestial bodies, in this case — to the planet Earth.

Since our neighborhood parallel worlds are the same distance from the Sun, their physical characteristics, including the presence of atmospheric oxygen and water, should be the same. This is confirmed in particular that the aliens earth breathe air. But on the other planets can hardly be the same atmosphere. Consequently, life in parallel worlds, in principle, should evolve the same way with the same "end product" — humanoids. The only difference is the time of existence, and hence the "advanced ™" different civilizations.

It remains to answer the main question: Why do they come to us? To grab our space and we survive? Oh no! All they are concerned about their own survival. Alarmed by our irrationality. Obviously, the nuclear "game" Earthlings are too dangerous for them, our "neighbors" are trying to constantly watch us, if necessary, make it in time to intervene. And the facts of their intervention is also available, and are not safe.

Author: I.Gorlinsky
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Magic and Mysticism" № 10 2012,

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