Southern Italy was captured showers. There are victims

Southern Italy was captured showersHeavy downpours hit the southern Italian regions of Sicily and Calabria, killing at least four people. In particular, the victim of a landslide caused by rains began a seven-year child. Another man died under the rubble of a collapsed apartment building. In the province of Catanzaro for disaster train derailed, there are victims among the passengers, said "Rosbalt".
"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" reports that in Sicily the old bridge collapsed, and some buildings have been completely isolated from the outside world. Heavy rain and mudslides inundated stones railway in Calabria. The rains have caused difficulties and on the roads, says ""

This morning, the region was declared a new storm warning. According to forecasters, rain, accompanied by strong winds, will last another day. In many communities schools are closed, residents advised not to leave the house.
As previously reported, in the first half of November in Spain, Italy and France hit by heavy rains that led to flooding. Over the banks of the river flooded large areas of land, roads, towns and cities.

In the 12 departments of France was declared an "orange" — the penultimate — the level of anxiety. In the south, without heat and light were 8000 families. From dangerous areas managed to take more than two thousand people. Before leaving the big water to all of them have to live on an emergency evacuation center organized.

Bad weather came from neighboring Italy, where he spent the last half century the strongest showers. Because of incessant rains a few days ago, it was a state of emergency in Genoa. Most of Genoa was no light, gas, schools are closed, most of the shops, museums and public institutions, roads formed heaps of cars and garbage cans, washed powerful streams of water.

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