Space lightning satellite detected a unique phenomenon

October 14, 2011 11:17

Unique physical phenomenon discovered in space Russian microsatellite "Tatiana". It is about an unknown science radiation in Earth's upper atmosphere, which can not be seen with the naked eye. Glow like a giant zipper, beating up. But there it is there where there are no storms, lightning, or clouds.

Satellite "Tatiana-2" even though he was with the prefix "micro" and worked in the orbit of some four months, but failed to send the data, which turned the scientists' ideas about the processes occurring in the Earth's atmosphere.
In stuffing "Tatiana-2" were devices with UV filters — development of MSU scientists, which will allow a completely new phenomenon in the sky.
For the convenience of those until called lightning. But from the ordinary — those that can be seen in the storm — they, of course, differ fundamentally two things. This is a very high energy level. And they do not hit the ground and up into the ionosphere.
"As usual length zipper — two kilometers in height, between the cloud and the ground. The same — from 40 to 100 kilometers. We've learned that lightning — a thin cord, but these high levels — sprites, elves and blue jets, their transverse dimension is 100 kilometers, "- says Pavel Klimov, Research Assistant of the Research Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University. MV University.
Sensational reports "Tatiana" data is that these outbreaks do not appear only where there is a storm cloud. Forming powerful discharges does not depend on the weather. This is the first.
The second discovery — Lightning was chosen not the entire surface of the globe. They are, for example, is not in Siberia, over deserts and oceans. But a lot of the European part of Russia, Latin America, and over Australia.
Lot — hundreds of bits per second, regardless of the time of day. Flashes appear and disappear for a few hours. Unstudied and unpredictable atmospheric phenomena — it is bad especially for aviation. As there will continue to behave lightning, no one now can say. Moscow scientists have found out that some classes, beating up, formed a 10-km altitude mastered aircraft.
"For the high flights there may appear a certain level of radiation. The more can be related phenomena — gamma-ray bursts. What is a gamma-ray bursts? Gamma-ray bursts — a more hard radiation, it can have effects on the equipment, "- says Violetta Morozenko, junior research fellow of the Research Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University. MV University.
Microsatellite "Tatiana-2" was conceived and built in the walls of Nuclear Physics of Moscow State University. This is the layout of one to two: on the sides — high-frequency antenna for transmitting scientific data to Earth at the center — the panel, solar battery with spetsdatchikom.
"In order for the spacecraft to the sun was turning the battery to better perceive the energy coming from the sun, the burden is on the back side and closed mats. Vacuum insulation — that equipment is not cold and not too hot ", — says Nikolay Vedenkin, senior research fellow of the Research Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University. University.
In the next few years, Russian scientists want to send into space a caravan satellite to study lightning and understand what to expect of them in the future.
Now Research Institute of Nuclear Physics, is set to launch another satellite. It is expected to be launched in early next year. Filled with the most sensitive and advanced equipment satellite should help scientists answer questions — like, for whatever reason, are formed of lightning in the upper atmosphere, and why only in certain parts of the globe.


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