State award for science and culture. Whom for what

State award for science and culture.  Whom for whatIn the St. George Hall of the Great Kremlin Palace handed Municipal Prize scientists and artists.

Winners of awards for academic achievements

Despite the fact that since the Soviet Union in this country nothing is created, awards won by a group of scientists for the development and production of radar stations of the highest operational readiness of missile warning. Their names Sergey Fedotovich Fights, Sergey Saprykin and Valery Karasev. These scientists have the latest radar "Voronezh".

For comparison: Radar "Voronezh" consists of modules, which makes it possible to build it for 12-18 months instead of 5-9 years, as it was with the radar samples of old times. In addition, the station is used for installation of 23-30 units of technological equipment (against 4070 units in the case of the radar "DTV", located in Azerbaijan). Another nice prize — is the consumption of energy: "Voronezh" spalivaet only 0.7 megawatts, while the aforementioned radar "DTV" 50 megawatts.

It's clear that with the collapse of the Soviet Union forever a thing of the past glory days of Russian geology, forwarding romance and record characteristics of extraction of minerals. At one point some Felix P. Mitrofanov won an award for scientific study and discovery of large deposits of platinum-palladium ore on the Kola Peninsula.

Felix P. with employees without extensive drilling was able to prove the presence and open to the Fedorova-Pana massif ores of the platinum group metals, comparable to the Bushveld ore deposits in South Africa, as the unique scale of the East Scandinavian platinum ore province (the area is more than 200 thousand square meters. km in the Kola Peninsula, Karelia and Eastern Finland).

Noteworthy that foreigners have shown tremendous intrigued by the work of Mitrofanov, because only we have the appropriate scientific developments. The development of fields Mitrofanov means not only the production of a huge amount of precious metals, without which is impossible to imagine modern industry, and the creation of new jobs for the inhabitants of the Kola Peninsula, creating a modern infrastructure (village, roads, etc.). And all this while sparing the invasion of the ecosystem (instead of drilling multiple wells is only 2-3 wells).

Rem Viktorovich Petrov and Rahim Musaevich Khaitov received the award for outstanding achievements in scientific and practical development of Russian immunology. These people are almost all contributed to the formation of modern immunology in its more fundamental areas — basic, applied and educational. Specialty "immunologist" in Russian universities in almost all its origin to these people, and their academic achievements recognized at the global level.

We all know that innovation — it's a swear word which has no relationship to the Russian Federation, which has long since there is no science, and all the brains flowed over the limit.

Because especially discouraging looks awarding a group of our scientists for these "innovations". A group of prominent scientists has received the award for high contribution in the development of organic synthesis, the development of Innovative Technology pharmaceutical manufacturing and materials, including special purpose.

Their names — Boris Trofimov, Valery Charushin and Oleg Chupahin. The list of achievements is so wide that we do not undertake to bring him here (who are curious, just find in the public domain). Simplifying, we say that in the middle of the results of their work — the creation of Innovative pharmaceuticals for the treatment of the terrible diseases of our time (the world's antidote stroke gas anti-tumor products used in oncology, anti-virus product of a wide range of activities).

"Our science, Plainclothes and defense industry have always been able to solve complex puzzles, and at the origins of these victories were strong, passionate, experienced people ready to think extraordinary, crush stereotypes and achieve the seemingly impossible. Now, when Russia faces the task of modernization of the economy, in particular the need features such as the ability to generate innovative ideas, create breakthrough projects ", — Putin said at the awards ceremony.

Winners of awards for achievements in the field of literature and art

Award for outstanding service in the field of humanitarian action awarded Vladimir Spivakov. We think this man needs no introduction. Recall it is just artistic director and principal conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Russian Federation and the Municipal Chamber Orchestra "Moscow Virtuosi", also president of the Metropolitan international House music.

Sergey Leonidovich Shumakov (creator and director of the channel "Culture") and Svyatoslav Belza (presenter of "culture", People's Artist of Russia) — for contribution in the promotion of cultural and scientific achievements, outstanding educational activities. (Together with them, however, and was awarded Oleg Dobrodeev, CEO of RTR, gave the world "Spy", but the question here is not so much to him, as to the telly in general: the question of the expulsion of rukopozhatitsy with screens wider issue of one channel).

Oleg Zharov (creator of the project of reconstruction and transformation of the village Vyatskoe), Lena Andriivna Ankudinova (Director of the Historical and Cultural Complex "Viatskoe"), Nikolai Mukhin (painter and founder of the school of "Yaroslavl Icon") received the award for contribution the revival and development of the common cultural and historical values.

Award was won and Galina Malanicheva for contribution to the preservation of Russian cultural heritage. She is the chairman of the Central Council of the All-Russian Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture.

"It's basically, that these successes learned the whole country", — Putin singled out. "It is in these instances we will educate the younger generation," — he said. According to the president, it will allow young people more aware, "based on what values to which real and not a far-fetched goals should be pursued," and that "the road to success can only be a laborious and honest."

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