State Defense Order: Shoigu feels way Serdyukov

State Defense Order: Shoigu experiencing method SerdyukovChange the Minister of Defense is not seen by the other as the salvation of the Municipal defense order, which over the years of his own work could not implement Anatoly Serdyukov. It seemed that all should just give it a good household assistant or a change to the business executive to the minister, as the situation moves forward. But what seems at first glance, does not always correspond to reality. Here and in the case of the state defense order in the reality was far more difficult than a change of responsible persons.

Many in mind the purpose of the post of Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation at the end of last year, Dmitry Rogozin, which was called to oversee the military-industrial branch and in close contact with the Defense Ministry and Russian industrialists and the sum of both groups at the conclusion of breakthrough agreements on the creation and supply of military equipment to the troops. To this purpose Rogozin pinned great hopes, but only state defense order was given or not in the teeth, or exhausting all intrigued and responsible parties very much. One good moments here stands contracts for the supply of class submarines "Northwind", when only the direct intervention of Vladimir Putin allowed the parties to "understand" each other and put their signatures to the agreement. Once the contract, as it later turned out, did not accept neither the one nor the other way, because the industrialists asked them to throw another 5% on top, and Minister Anatoly Serdyukov with all this noise, because the thing is a rip-off, and so the cost should be reduced to at least three times.

It turns out that in the United Shipbuilding Company now "Borei" build, but obviously not impressed with the level of payment own work. At the same time, the Ministry of Defense funds for the creation of isolated but, in turn, also gritting their teeth and hoping for the reduction of the final price, which in itself looks utopian.

In general, all these tensions and nedogovorki in the conversation of the Ministry of Defense and the manufacturers of military equipment for the state defense order, they could, as many expected, venture resignation of Minister Serdyukov. And it is, indeed, looked the least of two evils, because the essence of the problem associated with all the complexities and neuvvyazkami implementation of the SDO, not enough who would like to dive, what is called, with the head.

Minister, in the end, they took off. Due to the inability to enter into a contract with the excellent manufacturers, or is not due — it is not the case … But the new minister, which not really had time to acclimate themselves to a brand new place, faced with the same neuvvyazkami faced by the previous highest unit military. It would seem that the strong-willed and experienced Sergei Shoigu with their prof environment in which there are former members of the military-industrial sector has virtually steel hand to restore order in terms of the state defense order, supported by the same vice-premier Rogozin. But it turned out that it is much more difficult than previously imagined anyone outside. Apparently, examining the estimates for the training and development of modern military hardware, Shoigu took the head. On the not so long ago the last Cabinet meeting new minister Defence stated that the Ministry may perform program from SDO in terms of foreign currency, but the programm there will not be realized in terms of quantity. "… I'm not talking about quality," — said Sergey Shoigu.

In other words, the very price list, insert manufacturers of military equipment in Russia is now such that even though the level of funding for the modernization of the army and the navy until 2020, which is voiced by higher authorities (23000000000000. Rubles), buy as many pieces of military equipment, how many troops should , mathematically impossible. Or planned to reduce the amount of equipment purchases for the state, or to force manufacturers to cut prices.

The first is unrealistic, because then one hundred percent thwarted plans for refurbishing the Russian army military vehicles by 70% in the coming years. The second is unrealistic, since no adekvatnomyslyaschy industrialist will not work for themselves at a loss in the criteria of a market economy, to which we, like, fled. But what happens is that the prices that are now designated industrial associations for their services to build military equipment, to put it mildly, a little too high. Maybe someone here sees the option to heat their own hands, lifting straps prices to such an extent in which you can, sorry, grab a decent bite? Is this true?
Sergei Shoigu at the same meeting, the government actually joined in open dispute with the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturovym. Defense Minister wonders on what basis the price of aviation technology over the past four years have grown significantly. Namely, Shoigu remarked that the helicopters in Russia rose from the year 2008-2009 as many as 3-5 times, and aircraft — twice. Since 2010, the price of the T-90 with the modernization activities increased several times and amounts to about 118 million rubles. On the other military equipment, which must be delivered to the troops on the plans of the state defense order, the situation is about the same. Industrial companies increase prices, without paying any attention to the laws of inflation. After all, when you consider that the total inflation over the past four years was less than 30%, it turns out that a fivefold increase in the price of the same helicopter — this is an obvious overkill, even if we take into account that the rate of inflation — the average rate.

If we consider that impressive prices for Russian equipment, the explanation of the level of these prices can be followed. Or is there a force that artificially heats the financial component of the creation of military equipment for the Ministry of Defense, using the fact that for the purchase of such equipment are allocated huge funds. Or prices grow at a fairly simple reason: the obvious wear and tear production component, lower production capacity, which themselves are in need of modernization harsh. It is no secret that in many companies that position themselves as producers of military equipment of last generation or upgraded as technology, used equipment made in the period of Khrushchev's "thaw". When the proper time these machines were technical and technological advancement (and that is not always far away), and now they are just obsolete. They would have long time to change to a more modern, but for the purchase of modern equipment is often lacking, and therefore squeezed the last juice out of the equipment on which our fathers and grandfathers have done five-year plans.

Of course, the introduction of a worn technical foundation leads to an increase in prices for all manufactured products based on it. Even when using many of these tools do colanders and pans, such utensils will be three times-four times more expensive than the products of companies that have switched to the introduction of modern technology. There are also important issues of energy conservation, and technological principles of production, and the reduction in the intensity of human labor, and the leveling of the error factor, and much more. After all, nowhere did not argue that the "catch up and overtake" the modern industrial complexes with a homemade wood machine inherited from the ancestors. And we have from time to time declare .

In this regard, several unusual look sample Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturova justify inflating the prices of military equipment produced in Russia. According to him, the industrialists simply have no choice because profitability of Russian companies in the sphere of military-industrial complex does not exceed an average of 6-7%. Say, that's why Russian companies or to work for themselves at a loss, or just turn away from the proposals that come from the Ministry of Defence in the framework of the state defense order.

On the one hand prepyadstviya industrialists can be appreciated. But in fact, as often happens, the owners and managers of production, far not always get to decide on the modernization of its companies. Very many manufacturers do not need to go for the purchase of the latest technology, which is allowed to be faster and better to do tasks assigned to them. After parting with profit and this most profit to invest in the development of the companies do not always hunt. More often profit companies to develop other ways according to the principle: earnings are using at the moment, and then come what may …

So the difficult situation in the military-industrial sector CONTRIBUTE to refresh or municipal programm to modernize production facilities themselves, or verbovanie private capital, which, incidentally, is practiced in almost all countries of the world where military-technical sector well developed. And the state program, and verbovanie personal capital requests time, which is becoming less and less until the end of the declared military reform. It turns out that besides the Ministry of Defence will have to spend any time oratu upgrade the technical restructuring of the army and navy of the park, or continue to butt heads with the producers, figuring out why it is not cheap, and how to buy cheaply.

Sergei Shoigu, realizing that shift plans to modernize the army in time no one will allow him (because directive on the date entered above, and Shoigu not like the minister-Revolutionary) has decided to somehow scare industrialists. He said that if no progress in reaching agreements on prices with them does not happen, the Defense Ministry will just have to take products from foreign manufacturers. The idea here is supported by Prime Medvedev, who said that Russian producers have to feel that they are breathing in the back of the foreigners. Like, just so you can wait for persuasion. Really? ..

With these statements Sergei Shoigu and Dmitry Medvedev in general a mishap leaves. After all, in fact, the Ministry of Defence and the Government come to that from which not so long ago, like, gone. More precisely, not exactly: it is because we think of it, that are gone, but in actual fact there are still no other way than pounding his fist on the table and seek from the Russian sphere of defense industry companies lower prices for the implementation of this state defense order.

In this regard, fascinating reaction specifically industrialists. If after such a sudden coming Shoigu-Medvedev prices suddenly climb down, then it would mean that the case is the same lies in the apparent desire of stakeholders in the field of defense industry more tightly to fill their pockets economical means (pro in store, as they say). And if no perceptible drop in prices for military equipment does not happen, it would mean that the reason lies in the laws of the market, based on the use of technology, materials, and investments. There is not the 1st nor the second nor the third, and the need to ensure that the SDO means will have to dig through the nose, in the shower remembering the "good" sayings of all the ministers name.

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