State parasites in the history of the Earths population

State parasites in human historyExisted on the planet and there are hundreds of people and nationalities, among them occasionally meets frank direct parasitism, in other words, the almost complete absence of productive capacities.

So was the pseudo-Khazars, Svyatoslav crushed, and the Crimean Khanate, which just finished in 1783.

The Crimean Khanate was established in the middle of the 15th century, from his own creation, and in the upcoming 16-18 age the main and honorable occupation of the Crimean Tatars was the introduction of predatory people, that is hunting them and selling them into slavery.

Although the majority of the population, and sat on the ground, became involved in farming, but they do not play a major role in society. Pochetaemymi number of "hunters of men."

Prior to joining the steppe Crimea lived Greeks, Armenians, descendants of the tribe is ready. All of them were Christians, steppe Islam. Christians had about as much, and the Crimean Tatars, and the Turk elite not only oppressed them with taxes, and often organized the massacres of Christians of Crimea. For example, ready (they were most numerous) to cut all 1st. Other nations have suffered because they bring huge returns as the main tax-paying population.

The Crimean Tatars raided the people and movable property to Russia, not just burning wood suburbs of the capital — Moscow. Suspend them was hard, because they were trying not to get involved in the fight, avoided building, burned and looted villages, unfortified settlements, at the approach of the troops left. Crimean Tatars cursed the Ukraine, Poland. In 1570, in Moscow, there were so many of gone into slavery and murdered, that the survivors could not bury all the bodies and push down into the river.

Raids small units Crimean Tatars on weave — several hundred riders took place constantly. In the Metropolitan kingdom was even a special tax — "Horde money" to buy taken away by the people.

State parasites in human history

Historians account for the different numbers of gone in slavery — From 500 thousand to 5 million Slavs of Eastern Europe. This is just Stated and sold in slavery the Ottoman Empire and Persia. And how many have been killed, maimed, how many burned houses, villages, towns, cities, how many fates broke, having withdrawn into slavery wife, sister, daughter, son, husband …

Specifically, during this period, in the 15-16 century, there was a saying that the Turks with his father and says the authorities in Turkish, with Mullah on-Arabic, with his mother in Polish, with her grandmother in Ukrainian.

I should add that this wild beasts in human form was trying not to take the adult men, old men, malehankih kids — they were killed on the spot. From toddlers aged 10-13 years who were taken prisoner, living out of the market just before half. That millions of lives.

Only Catherine II killed this parasitic education. Today's test Crimean Tatars gain autonomy or its government on the ground of the Crimea must be nipped in the strongest.

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