State tests of the Su-35s will end in 2015

State tests of the Su-35s will be completed in 2015

Municipal joint tests of the Su-35s will end in 2015 year, reports "Interfax" referring to a source in the military-industrial complex. At the end of 2012 ended the first step of state tests, the results of which were granted preliminary report on the harmonization of the Su-35S aircraft performance features. This conclusion has given us "Dry" right to supply fighter jets to drill flight of the Russian Air Force.

At the current time, the role of municipalities in the trials take four aircraft. In total applets tests foreseen implementation of Su-35s over a thousand flights. The second step of the state tests, according to the source agency, predicts test aircraft with new aircraft weapons and protection. A large amount of checks substantiated huge number of new systems and equipment used on the Su-35s.

Earlier in the flight tests of Su-35s managed to reach at ground speeds of 1.4 thousand kilometers per hour and at an altitude of — 2,5 thousand kilometers per hour. Limiting the height of the airplane at 19 thousand feet, and the detection range of targets in the "air" — more than 400 km. Range Sou-35C is 3.4 thousand kilometers, and a combat radius — 1.6 thousand kilometers. Plane armed with 30-millimeter cannon and equip 12 suspension points for missiles and bombs weighing up to eight tons.

At the end of December 2012 the Ministry of Defense has received the first six series of fighters Sou-35C, which is expected to arrive to the place of deployment in the coming few days. According to the municipal defense order in 2013, "dry" must pass the Defense Ministry 12 fighters Sou-35C. As part of the agreement from 2009 until the military 2015 year to get 48 new aircraft. In 2015 it is planned to sign a contract for another 48 Su-35s.

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