Status of victims in the accident at Pinskdrev serious but stable

At the regional hospital of Brest are three victims in the accident on "Pinskdrev." State of the victims of the explosion, and continues to be difficult. According to the head of the intensive care unit of the regional hospital Igor Loban affected transported to a regional hospital with burn injuries and palitravmami. Patients were serious but stable.

"The doctors managed to arrest the burn shock. But lots of other problems. To give any predictions — a very thankless job. Differently behaves the body in different ways to fight it turns septic complications, other complications that may be in these patients. "

According to the doctor, the extent of the affected area of the body burns in them ranges from 50 to 100%. And in all the situation is complicated by the thermal inhalation injury. That is, they breathe through apparatus. Every day victim in the repeatedly make dressings. Work burn surgeons who removed zmyartsvelyya sites to avoid poisoning of the body. Patients warm, conducted ventilation, anesthesia.

Relatives come from Pinsk to the victims, but as long as doctors can not let them into the chamber. The body of the burn victim is very susceptible to infections.

To date, the Brest Regional Hospital are:

Goroshko Edward V., 1977
Oleg Smirnov, O., 1981
Ermak Paul A., 1976



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