Status of victims of the explosion at the Pinskdrev — serious but stable

The explosion at the "Pinskdrev" claimed the lives of 14 people. Six remain in serious condition in hospital of Minsk and Brest. All patients are in intensive care units. Relatives while there are not allowed.

To date, the regional hospital in Brest there are three victims of the explosion at the "Pinskdrev": this Edward Goroshko Oleg Smirnov Pavel Ermak. Their condition and continues to be difficult. On head of the intensive care unit of Igor Loban, victims transported to a regional hospital with burn injuries and palitravmami. Condition — a serious but stable:

"The forecast is virtually impossible to do. Different body behaves in different ways to treat patients is obtained. Lot of different effects from burns and forecasts — it is a thankless job."

According to the doctor, the extent of the affected area of the body burns in them ranges from 50 to 100%. And in all the situation is complicated by the thermal inhalation injury. That is, they breathe using machines:

"Every day the victim on several occasions made dressings. Operate burn surgeons who remove necrotic areas to avoid poisoning of the body. Patients warm, conducted ventilation, anesthesia, as patients experience very severe pain."

Relatives come from Pinsk to the victims, but as long as doctors can not let them into the chamber. The body of the burn victim is very vulnerable to infections.

Fiberboard plant manager Leonid Logvin notes:

"I am well aware of all the these people, they are good people and good workers. "

Head of Public Relations Company "Pinsk Wood" said of the victims:

"And Edward Goroshko, and Oleg Smirnov, and Paul Ermak shown themselves to be conscientious people. Never against them, there were no questions, comments, complaints to the administration. These are really good people."

Families affected by the accident, according to the head of the press, will not go one on one with problems:

"These people will not be left. Already been helped, and in the future will also help. Onthis issue that the victims will be left without compensation, without the support — we will not allow it. "



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