Stone Grave — Sanctuary of the ancient Aryan

Crimea — a mini-mosaic of the spiritual heritage of the universe. Place on planet Earth, where the bulk of the energy indescribable many strengths — power points. Gateway to this skakralny, full of mysteries and secrets of the world can truly be considered stone graves. Recently, in the one or the other source of information pops up on the puzzle of human history.
Stone Tomb is located not far from the road Kharkiv-Simferopol, 17 kilometers from the city of Melitopol, Valley Dairy. Azov midst of boundless steppes, the blue stone island.

Heap of stones in shape like a mound, this explains the name. Present height Stone Grave is 12 meters. On three acres of its area is about three thousand plates, many of which are covered with ancient drawings — petroglyphs.
Fantastic pile of huge boulders, is no less mysterious and impressive than the statues of Easter Island or the famous Inca city of Machu Picchu. No scientist in the world did not give even the slightest reasonable hypothesis: where did it come from the steppes of Ukraine? ..
One thing is clear — this place was used by ancient people as a sanctuary and contains rare petroglyphs.
In fact, this "underground" Hermitage ", as he called his book Tomb researcher Boris Mikhailov — 1990 opened the cave fish, the main attribute of a high relief depicting fish, made on the stone floor, covered with petroglyphs as a linear geometry. Fish cult was distributed not only in Sumer (Mesopotamia), but also in Siberia, Palestine, Asia Minor and the Caucasus. "Fish House," or cave fish, stone tombs — a kind of temple, where committed ceremonies. Is there and Grotto Dragon, Ox, and Cave of Buffalo and Artemis, etc. Naturally, Fictitious, invented by scientists. Left their traces and the early Christians: in some caves of images of mammoths and rhinoceroses — a symbol of Jesus Christ and the cross.
This is not only a monument of geological epochs, but also evidence of the life of the tribes held the area and left a priceless petroglyphs. Consider this: in the vaults of survivors caves paintings of Paleolithic and Mesolithic, copper-bronze epoch and the Middle Ages. Stylized images of deer, cattle, fish, people bring to our days identity worldview of ancient man. It is known that the image of a winged horse emerged just in the Ukrainian steppes, on the Indo-European homeland of the Aryans, and found a figurative embodiment on slabs Stone Grave. Among the many scientists and researchers, it was felt that the writing of Stone Grave older than Sumerian writing — Melitopol petroglyphs and a half — two thousand years of world famous ancient Mesopotamian clay tablets. Although, semi-official science rejects the arguments of scientists, which in addition to the hypotheses, provide concrete evidence in support of his ideas: "It can not be, because it can never be" — it sounds like this answer "patriarchs" of science.

Such a reaction is understandable, it is necessary to protect its territory, because what now do you please? History of the world and tens of thousands of dissertations yes monographs to rewrite?

Too much evidence to the contrary, that the Black Sea region (both North and South) long before the Sumerians in Mesopotamia, there is a unique civilization, built cities, created a writing system and lay the foundations of modern culture.

Each school textbook on world history, you can read about what the Sumerian astronomy and mathematics were more accurate in the entire Middle East. We still divide the year into four seasons, twelve months and twelve zodiac signs, measure angles, minutes and seconds in shestidesyatkah — as it first began to do the Sumerians.

As for themselves petroglyphs Stone Grave, the researchers found that their chronology covers the temporary space of 14-13 thousand years BC. e. 10-12 centuries. These images are not applied mainly paints in open caves of France, America, North Africa, etc., and scratched. Only some of the originals and copies of petroglyphs can be seen in the museum, which is located next to the caves. At one time, this unique monument of human history, scientists have investigated tsarist Russia, in particular, a famous archaeologist Nicholas Veselovsky. Since 1932, more or less consistently studied V.Danilenko stone graves, A. Bader, M. Rudnicki, W. Gladilin and B. Mikhailov.

According to M. Rudnitsky, "petroglyph complex Stone Grave certain part of his is one of the manifestations of that attitude that has developed within a broad historical and cultural zone, through the Old World prolegshego between India and the European coast of the Atlantic."
The interesting part of the history of Stone Grave monument is research by scientists of Nazi Germany.
It is known that Hitler, intending to attack the world, blessed and gave hordes of scientists who needed to find a magical justification Nazi forces. They dug around the globe, from the pyramids of Egypt and ending necropolises Nibelungen.

It is no accident during the occupation of Ukraine sudden interest in the stone graves showed Nazi who oversaw the institution of "Ahnenerbe" ("Ancestral Heritage") Reichsführer Himmler. He looked like an ancient stone tombs sacred monument of the Aryans.

That is why, when the fall of 1941 the Wehrmacht seized Melitopol, experts arrived here "Ahnenerbe", organized in 1942-43. Stone Grave excavation. The results of the studies published so far.

We only know that in the grotto Dogs German experts failed to read 40 "proto-Sumerian inscriptions." It is their our compatriot scholar AG Kifishin in his "ancient sanctuary. Stone Grave. Attempt to decrypt the archive proto-Sumerian "(Kiev. 2002) dates 6200 BC And since "the story begins with the Sumerians," that archaeologists agree with Kifishina that at the end of IV century BC Sumerians left the Lower Dnieper to Mesopotamia, and they were replaced by Trypillians.
But what is most interesting in the stories of the Sumerians — it says that their legendary exodus took place after their historic homeland "descended from heaven, the celestial chariot of the gods." They came with a cultural mission in the Stone Grave. And taught protoshumerov write, cultivate fields and build.
So, in the middle of XIX century British archaeologist Layard discovered Assyrian cuneiform library with legends, which were virtually identical to the stories in the Bible — the expulsion from Eden, the Flood, etc., but much older. Further research question showed that these belonged to the legendary Sumerian civilization, and led to the discovery of the oldest in the land of writing. In 1923, the world saw work "Fundamentals of Sumerian grammar", authored by German archaeologist Pebel Arno. Sumerologist and today learn in this book. Pebel many years lived in America, but in the mid-30's, he is a convinced Nazi, he returned to Germany, where he met with Hermann Wirth, founder and leader of the Nazi mystic society "Ananerbe" that was researching the occult practices of civilizations past. And what is particularly interesting, from 1942 to 1943, they are working in occupied Melitopol. Pebel and Wirth, here explores the "Stone Grave", and for some reason, drill ground a few kilometers from the monument.
According to archaeologist Anatoly Kifishina, stone tomb was the primary grand ancient archives, reading that can shed light on the true history of the world civilization. This discovery is much more significant than even the Assyrian library Layard!
Records found in the area between the Tigris and the Euphrates say Sumerian homeland — the place where this civilization went — Arratia mysterious country, the geographical location of which no less a mystery than the country itself. In light of the discoveries made at the stone tombs, one can assume that it is the first state in the land located just on the territory of Ukraine, near Melitopol is the spiritual center of the ancient public education!
Hence it is understandable interest fascists to stone tombs — residents Arratia — Aryans — German sverhnatsii alleged ancestors. Arno Pebel died in 1957, the year did not shed light on the details of his work in Ukraine. Herman Wirth in the late 70's has promised to publish a work that is a result of his life, but the giant manuscript was stolen in unclear circumstances — whether there were present information on stone graves or not — will remain a mystery. But surely there is no chance to find out exactly what you were looking for two luminaries of science in Nazi war near Melitopol? What is needed to drill holes in the rock and make pits not far from the temple?
Now "Stone Grave" contender is to be considered one of the 7 Wonders of Ukraine. And well-deserved candidate. Continue to come here from all over the world, archaeologists, seekers of truth, of secret knowledge and clairvoyants, but to this day Stone Grave continues to keep their secrets and reveals them are only those who are prepared to accept them.
This prehistoric monument psychics and sensitive people feel due to the outgoing flow of light energy. It can also record satellite. Therefore energy sandy outcrop high with five-story building has long attracted people. This is where you can read "Vasya was here." Ten thousand years ago left their marks and the message of our great, legendary ancestors.

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