Stonehenge — the creation of a civilization

December 11, 2011 16:54

While most scholars believe that Stonehenge was built in the era of the birth of the Bronze Age (between 1900 and 1600 years. BC. E.), There are still scholars who attribute this mysterious construction to a much more ancient times.

This is a unique facility in the UK has almost no analogues either in the country or in the world. On it is written many articles and books, Stonehenge conducted excavations, studied it, put forward about its origin and purpose of dozens of hypotheses. However, now we can not say for sure that the mystery of Stonehenge revealed.

The researchers, who suggest that Stonehenge was built by an ancient civilization unknown to us, pay attention to a number of facts that still need to be explained. First, at the time, to which many scientists refer construction of Stonehenge, in the area had a small population, and in the construction of this building were to take part, if not hundreds, then certainly tens of thousands. And they still had to organize, combine the general idea. Who could solve this challenge at the current time low of civilization?

Second, the rocks (dolerite, rhyolite and tuff) for the construction of Stonehenge could produce only one place in England — in Wales, Presseli mountains, near the coast of Bristol Bay. And it is 210 km from the construction of Stonehenge! What were the reasons choice of these rocks, both at the level of the builders have been able to transport 80 stones with a total weight of four hundred tons at such long distances? It is worth remembering that the largest stone weighed about 50 tons. In this case, the stones were not only delivered, but also carefully polished, and, according to some researchers, this is not like polishing handiwork.

Third, to whom and why it took such a monumental structure? It is believed that it could be an astronomical observatory priests druids, but it is doubtful that the last could arrange for the construction of such a large army of workers. Scientists estimate that for the construction of Stonehenge took half a million man-days of manual labor.

It is worth recalling that, according to the ideas and calculations of some researchers, Stonehenge encrypted information that is unlikely to possess priests druids, for example the speed of light, the structure of the atom and even the location of the chemical elements in the periodic table.

Going on here many anomalous

The fact that this building is not so simple, as suggested by a number of scholars, say various anomalous phenomena occurring near him. For example, in February 1954, one photographer took pictures of Stonehenge, and showing the film, discovered that the stone buildings went up into the sky lighting columns.

Tourists often hear the stones a strange clicking or buzzing mysterious, as if hung on the construction of an invisible helicopter. Over Stonehenge repeatedly observed a UFO in 1977, hung over him, even an entire squadron of "plates", it even managed to shoot.

It has even been suggested that Stonehenge is a kind of cosmic beacon for alien ships.

It is difficult to explain to and mysterious case of the boy who became a victim of its unpretentious experiment. The boy has built a kind of wire Egyptian cross with a loop at the end and touched them to the stones. Young experimenter immediately fell as knocked unconscious. Almost half a year, he could not act in his hands, they were paralyzed …

Next to Stonehenge and then there is the mysterious circles and icons in the margins, and within a stone ring does work compasses and other instruments. Here we have all the signs of the anomalous zone. But that's not clear — whether this marks a Stonehenge anomalous zone, whether he, on the contrary, makes it anomalous.

LEGACY with a secret

The construction of the megalithic complex of various researchers have tried to "attach" the Egyptians, Atlanteans and even … aliens. So who actually built a unique monument? There is a hypothesis that Stonehenge we inherited from some ancient civilization unknown to us, who was killed during one of the global cataclysm. In connection with this hypothesis believe that it could be built tens of thousands of years ago.

Geoffrey of Monmouth in 1136 about the history of the Kings of Britain wrote that the stones of Stonehenge can heal many diseases. Do not be surprised if this ancient author is right. It seems that we still know too little about this mysterious building. Stonehenge may be not just a certain way spaced stones, and a giant instrument, details of which are the stones. Due to their composition, shape, and certain combinations of compounds and is its effect. What's that? But it is yet to be established. It is possible that this effect "device" brings energy anomalous zone in which it was constructed.

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