Students in Baranavichi forced to withdraw their signatures

Baranovichi State University students were told that the hostel they were required to give their signatures for potential presidential candidates.

Fifth-year student Baranovichi State University Tatiana Silichskaya lives in a dorm. The girl said:

"At about 6 pm the second entered the room the man who gave his name and patronymic, but I only remember that his name is Paul. He first made sure that this is really me, and then asked, I put their signatures for the four candidates.

He started talking to me, that you are a student here, you live in a dorm, and it's not something to pay the rent. He says that you quickly receive a diploma, and you create problems for yourself. You so can not pass the session, and you will not be allowed to defend a diploma.

He wanted me to give up my signature. At first I was scared, half a year left for me to learn … And then I got over.

At first I was scared, half a year left for me to learn … And then I got over.

I was even ashamed that these are the men doing such things.

Here with me my classmates. But nobody wants to give his last name. They are afraid, but outraged.

This Paul walked four dormitories ours. All intimidated, threatened problems and demanded that rejected the signatures. "

Coordinator initiative group Statkevich Jaroslav Hryshchenya said:

"The students come, they say that they are threatened. Not only learning problems promise, but, for example, said that you have a wife pregnant, they say, think, how to live, and all that.

150 calls. Ask, Do not want to give up. If one asks what the students come in and blatantly refuse require. I think that there is some order from above and want to curry favor. We decided that since you can not leave. We will contact the prosecutor's office and the Central Election Commission. "


Elections 2010

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