Submarine Severodvinsk has fully complied with the program of the factory running tests — USC

MOSCOW, October 10 (ARMS-TASS). The program is the factory running tests (ZHI) nuclear submarine "Severodvinsk" is made entirely in the near future will begin state testing. This was reported by ITAR-TASS official representative of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), Alex Kravchenko, commenting on some media information under the heading "the Navy is not ready to take this year," Severodvinsk ". 

"This information is not true. Real facts are that in the course of the last, the fourth in a row this year, out to sea on a submarine ZHI successfully tested a range of its missile-torpedo, all torpedo successfully tested, or, in military terms, shoot "- said Kravchenko. "Thus, the program ZHI" Severodvinsk "is successfully completed, and will soon begin its state test," — he concluded, without specifying the start date of the tests.

A source in the Russian defense industry told Itar-Tass that the state tests submarine "Severodvinsk" may begin as early as October. "A few days after the submarine will return to the program ZHI" Sevmash "and at the end of the month can go to sea again on the state tests," — said the source. He praised conducted on the sea trials of the complex range missile and torpedo "Severodvinsk". "Was performed and a single, and volley firing of all torpedo tubes. All went well, the complex is ready for combat," — said the source.

According to ITAR-TASS, the press service of USC, this year the submarine "Severodvinsk", in accordance with the test program, completed 4 out to sea, starting navigation on May 30, which is kind of a record for polygons White Sea. "All exits were successful in the plan the amount of testing performed entirely with the confirmation of tactical and technical characteristics of weapons and military equipment, installed on submarines, including high-speed and maneuverability characteristics, as well as all the technical parameters of the main power plant", — the press Service of the corporation.

Total from 2011 to 2013, the submarine made 14 exits on ZHI. "Such a large amount of testing due to objectively significant novelty of the project, a large number of prototypes of weapons and military equipment, the need to fully confirm the very high requirements to the head of the Navy submarine of the fourth generation in all aspects", — the USC.

State testing of nuclear submarines planned from the beginning of November 2013, with the "no attempt (third or fourth) to pass state tests simply could not be, by definition, as defined and approved by the order of decades for all Navy ships conducting state testing is only possible after the completion of the entire Factory test run of the program ", — stressed at USC. "As far as firing rocket complex" Onyx ", they are prepared, planned and will be carried out during the period of state tests, as stipulated schedule and program," — informed the corporation. There was reminded that in 2012, the "Severodvinsk" according to the program has been successfully tested missile system 'Caliber' of surface and underwater position on the ship and shore targets.

Completion of state tests submarine "Severodvinsk" according to the state defense order for 2013 is provided in November — December. According to their results, the state commission decides on the technical readiness of submarines, it complies with the tactical and technical specifications, quality and reliability of the ship, its weapons systems, weapons and equipment, followed by the signing of the act of acceptance by the head of the fourth generation of nuclear submarines in the Navy, reported in the USC .

"Currently, tests are in full compliance with the schedule, shipbuilders USC and the entire Russian defense industry cooperation involved in the implementation of this complex and important project, do their best to complete the nuclear submarine" Severodvinsk "on time", — stressed in the press service .

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