Submarine Severodvinsk worked 3 series of planned test program

Nuclear submarine "Severodvinsk" going through a cycle factory sea trials. Yesterday the head submarine series of "Ash" has completed its third exit into the sea since the beginning of the navigation of this year, the press-service of JSC "PO" Sevmash ".


"The ship was at sea for more than 20 days. During that time, was worked out planned test program in full. Checks operation of submarine systems in different modes," — said the head of the production of military equipment Marat Abizhanov. After removal of comments submarines at sea will come again to complete the factory running tests, the report said. The head of the new nuclear-powered submarine, the 4th generation of "Severodvinsk" (Project 885 "Yasen") was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau "Malachite" (St. Petersburg). Submarine "Severodvinsk" was launched on 15 June 2010 and in September 2011 went to sea on the first sea trials. According to open sources, "Severodvinsk" — double-hulled, single-shaft submarine with reduced acoustic field. Felling is streamlined oval shape, durable body is divided into ten sections. For the first time in the practice of the domestic shipbuilding torpedo tubes are not located in the nose submarine, and the central compartment for the post, which allowed to place in the forward end of the dimensional sonar antenna. For the missiles used eight vertical launchers. The weapon includes a supersonic cruise missile, universal deep-homing torpedoes and mines. The ship also received advanced communication and navigation systems, equipped with a fundamentally new nuclear power plant. The ship's tonnage of 9.5 million tons, length — 120 m, the maximum depth — 600 m Full submerged speed — 31 knots (about 57 km / h). The crew consists of 85 people submarines.
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