Superfast UFO in the sky over Denver

November 12, 2012 17:04

In the sky to Denver regularly appears mysterious object, which saw many witnesses and that there is no reasonable explanation.

Superfast UFO in the sky over Denver

It's definitely not a bird or a plane. Experts say they have never had to meet with something similar. Experts in the field of aviation shrug.
This phenomenon could secure with amateur digital camera.

Objects appear in the afternoon — in the afternoon, at least a couple of times a week. The strange thing — they fly so fast to catch them with the naked eye is difficult. In the video, scrolled in real time, the subject is almost invisible. But if you slow it down, the UFO is clearly visible.
Journalists have decided to make sure that the video — not a fake. They went to the same place where they had been taken home movie footage and established their professional equipment. And shortly after noon shot very similar object. An expert in the field of aviation Caol Steve was sure that after a careful examination of all the evidence, could find a reasonable explanation for the mysterious object hovering over Denver. But, in the end, said he could not identify it, and he did not know anything that could fly so fast.
In the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration said they had not received any reports of strange phenomena in the sky over Denver on pilots. Radars are also not recorded anything unusual.

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