Ancestor-given wisdom of the people

Slavs — the worship of the holy spirit of nature, part of which is the man himself. This veneration Rod ancestors and creation of family ancestral life, ancient Slavic traditions. Slavs, according to National Anthem of Russia — the ancestors of the given wisdom of the people — the dignity of the Slavic peoples and the great heritage of Russia.

The tradition of the Russian people — it is an invaluable experience of countless generations of our ancestors. Fostering in us the same "mysterious Russian soul", Slavic tradition teaches us customs, forever home all Russian people. And how much of the era has passed, how many do not wander in the darkness of foreign traditions, the Russian people always come back to their native traditions.

Thousands of years of natural calendars served our ancestors to help them in time to cultivate the land, harvest, hunt and fish. Year, divided into twelve parts, which in the thickets of the ritual, and every month meet special sign. Annual wheel — Colo Svarog — carried a special meaning, which was to eternal rebirth and renewal of all life. But the calendar is important not only gritty, its always decorate festive fun.

Cycle Slavic holidays

Almost all the holidays of the Slavs coincide with the cycle of life of the earth, so is it not only the spiritual, but also something else — to nature, bringing to life the feeling of the earth — living matter. Even if you do not celebrate these days, but just remember them, that person will have passed before adolescence, adulthood and old age of our Earth-Nurse.

Melodious name of Slavic months of the year reflects the changes in nature that are most characteristic for each of the four seasons.

January — Stuzhen
February — Luyten
March — Berezen
April — Kveten
May — Traven
June — Cherven
July — Lipen
August — Serpen
September — Veresen
October — yellowing
November — Falling Leaves
December — Gruden

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