Tales of the ancestors of the Slavs

Our first ancestor — Simargl — down to Earth from the Red Planet. With him set foot on Earth and seven girls (Beregin). Looked around and saw a red Lepota: trees, rocks, mountains ringing the creek. And he liked it here. And they settled on an island in the Buyan okiya-sea blue. Their wings hidden under a large stone — Alatyr. And he became the husband of seven, each in time and resolved burden incurred by the firstborn.

From older — Lubava — Svyatogor,
From the second — Axles — Volkhov
A third — Dawn — Aja,
From the fourth — None — Ac
From the fifth — Haiti — Ant,
From the sixth — Stars — Rosomon,
From the seventh — Kra — Vii.
And besides this, each has brought a son and five daughters. And it was from each of seven children. And the children grew up. Well it was, filled with apples.
But it happened a great sorrow. Moarena have wished to become his second wife Dazhdbog. But he, like his brother, given the refusal, and she fell to the Firth. And in time saw the light of her sons — the demon Vala yes Indrik Snake. And their souls were black and angry. For soaked in dislike of the creatures of the earth and the people in the whole world. And wanted Indrik Serpent burn all life on Earth. And the grass is withered, disappeared streams, burning all in flames, and a wail Earth widow. And he called Simargl, asking for help.
Svarog went down, caught a Indrik God and son of man. Svarog Indrik mouth opened, a red-hot pincers Simargl language cauterized. And Snake harnessed to a plow, made his two younger sons Simargl. And paved the furrow between good and evil throughout the land of great souls of men. And the company was great!
"Grinitsy of darkness and light."
Indrik the realm of darkness left, the entrance to something under a rock Alatyr. Became wings Simarglovy guard. And things have been so irrevocably, gone into the realm of the seventh son of a Wii with three wives. And down there in charge. And the gift received from Svarog — ring the sacred with the seals and spells great, and the children obeyed Moareny Vey. Svarog is returned to the sky.
Home Via wife called Storm Yaga. And they were children: Kitovras — man-horse with swan wings, Kara — Maid-snake, Kikimora — virgin goddess of sleep and dreams.
Storm Yaga, helping her husband, gathered through the world of the soul of the dead children, the children curse, and turned them into white swans. To have lived on Earth are his mother-young days. Because swans can not be beat!
Long lived Simargol, already 300 years old, and many grandchildren of the people.
Svyatogor married Lada, was born in Svyatogora daughter — Maya. And he was the first in the heart Svyatogor father — Simargl.
Second son — Volkhov — handsome became Scripture, but one problem, his soul is mad that he is not the first in the hearts and thoughts of his father. Leaping heart, for it is not assumed the role of the second. And to raise the curtain. Understood the hidden secrets and hidden spoznav, descended into the realm of darkness. Defeated in single combat knowledge Indrik Serpent. And skhotel be a senior in the realm of fact. But her brother interrupted his brother.
He sent his daughter to the Wii frights. And enveloped her uncle charms showed prophetic dream. Daughter showed Simargl — Lelia — in light of the Morning Dawn. And willed Volh Lelia and skhotel her to the senior wife. But the face of the lapel proud Lola: "I do not want someone who is dark." And then the light went on Volh wise.
And when a bird flew, and grew grandchildren Simargl.
But the son Moareny — demon Vala — company broke. Take off merlin, long island was washed, dried sea deep. Downloaded 13 degrees of the sky, and he was not breathing than the people and creatures of the earth. And it was decided to blood brothers — Arom, Ajoy, invariant of, Rosomonom — to support the sky is blue shoulders BOGATYRSKY. And they went up on the 4-way and turned into pillars of stone pillars powerful.
Wii-seeing God sent Velez Herald — Kitovras swift, swift-winged. Then he called Velez father Perun, and catching Val yes turned into a black boulder. Boulder as he put in the bag backpack.
Svyatogor same power boasted skhotel lift that bag. Raise not raised, because the stone was. Became a pillar of copper on the stone of destiny — Alatyr.
Simargl, having lost their first-born, and the homesick longing died, his heart ached for a bird wounded. Yes turned black raven Voronovich — iron beak. Take off and sat down at the copper pillar. Became a shepherd for human, became a god was born. And after the death of his wife Beregin.
And in honor of the Wii set in stone altar Alatyr yes wheeled and stone "destiny." Yes, and brought their grandchildren, to whom the number 13. And require the goddess put Swa and old, and the souls of their ancestors.
Svyatogor by Maya handed. And she began to Buyan older. And she fell in love dolyubi Dazhdbog. And they sent a messenger — white dove. And was received. And from Dazhdbog light saw two brothers and Bohumír Eng. And turned the wheel of time.
Became a small island, a little nest for grandchildren — Simargl grandchildren. And it was decided to scatter the light white.
Gore and Esb tribe Asa the sunrise eyes turned. They went and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren of the tribe Volha Aja. Hot with grandchildren Aja blood, and they are proud. Fought their brothers: the older name — Aksai — Sola. On the way, three brothers quarreled, behind and gave rise to new genera. It was only many, many centuries later, the children returned Aksai ago, and their name will be — Kipchaks.
Children and their tribe Rosomona Anta suprotiv island of Buyan-sat. So they flew.
Bohumír son of the people — the Word, the grandson Dazhdbog. And after his father's death has left word with the Buyan Island. And he called his land Bolovodem.
Buyan Island children Roos remained. And soon began to call the Russian, and the sea is tacos. And four times a year going around the main stone Zhenkov Alatyr rites bringing souls of the dead, and the gifts of the goddess Swa tribe Roos. For his seed is not plowed, sowed not, his hands on the sword. And it's time, turned the main wheel of Svarog (1000).
And bloomed fruited tribes, who took his way from children Simarglovy. How noisy river from small nondescript streams. In the fist left a bit. Words, wolverines, Anta, Rusichi.
Kind Antes creek flowed into tribes Slovenia. For the swords from the hands was not allowed, cherished peace on earth sister. But disaster struck terrible. Indrik son was born — Sceptre (Yasha) Snakes. And began to teach people new things. And there were tribes dark chant became Firth with his children, he bowed. Like, from the Snake all the people, from the beginning of his conduct, and not on Swa-foremothers. Of it all alive, and he Moarena assistant. And they carry the gifts of a scepter, and began bowing to put him and his son Naga. And folk reached the shelter of the new gods. And they settled under the midday sun, the sea Khvalynskaya. And there were slim great fort, fortress strong. Shield and hit the backboard, and obstrigli hair boys, girls bracelets removed. And they went to fight snake scepter. In front of the horse himself was Perun, and for him were warriors — his children. And the earth groaned in two voices. He showed the tail of the serpent. But, curled up, ready iznovo. He wanted to release his uncle — Val, a vicious black boulder. And broke the scepter black boulder. But was unable to revive.
A blow to the stone led to the terrible misfortune. Pouring water into sea-Okian Russian, flooded island of Buyan. Former shattered into pieces. And they gathered together in a fist all those who remained, and was hit on the scepter. And he won Perun rotten snake. Pulled up to the great water, the river sacred — Sindh. And bathe it in seven waters. And it took an evil heart of Scepter. He asked abdomen and friendship unbroken.
Melted evil as spring snow. And they took for themselves the heroes best daughters Naga and scepter. And many warriors did not want to return home after a long neurod 30. And settled there. And given rise to new delivery and settlement on earth-mother.
At home, because of the great land was dragged round the "Stone of Destiny". Little wife and eldest, belted, threw the ball and the verb by the way fell, there way to keep the old. That began to scatter falcons on chick in 8 years, burning for a nest.
Only once in Perun circle (60) in memory of the Serpent Scepter remaining burned their homes and built a new place siznovo.
First opened his hand kind of tribe Rosomona Rahman. Went into the country across the sea Sceptre Khvalynskoye and ass there.
Began to disperse the earth-mother type: hanging, buratova, vyatichi.
First, streams, rivers, then sailed kind looking for new ways, new land. Were put weighing mail, who later became the great mounds.
Until Ilmen lake, where there Merya Chud and lived four tribes arrived. Led them seven witches. And that hatred was not, they decided to build a fort its close together on three hills, and the land that lay neighborhood, also shared, the river divided all. First hill and Tschudi Merya belonged. The second — and leave people Crivitz, the third hill — Slavic. That town, Prince of Glory, a descendant of the first word, the grandson Dazhdbog, put it. And there was the word son, born on the fortieth year. He was nicknamed by the people of Volkhov. As the boy grew, he gave it with the word witch in training and Volkhov was a great magician, and he could turn around and tour the wolf. From that time, many thought that it is not a death, and the son of the god Veles. The cloudy and the river called by his name.
Volkhov hiking walking distant, brought thousands of slaves, traveled in one settlement and called it the hilly, and after the great fire, he will be dubbed to a new city — Novgorod.
Black Prince with seven sons sat on the river Desna, and hail set and named it after his Chernigov. McDermott brothers sat on the Dnieper River, transportation through Dnepr put on a voev held, and after grad set and went on hikes.
Well said!

Lyudmila Dyachenko
"Secrets of the Slavic witches"

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