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December 10, 2011 4:14

Mention of telekinesis — the ability to influence the human mind physical objects — can be found in the Bible when it comes to Jesus Christ. For example, the New Testament tells about the so taming the storm: "… And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the boat, so that it was now full. And he was asleep in the stern on the dais. His wake and say unto him, Master, Do you not care that we are perishing? And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. "

 The gift of telekinesis, and observed some of the saints. For example, when they reached out with his hand on the Bible, that opened at the right place. But the laity in the Middle Ages in every way to hide this ability, fearing accusations of witchcraft.

In 1888, Dr. Ercole Chiayi from Naples, described the amazing psychic Eusapiyu Palladino, for which long observed: "This woman attracts the objects around her, and lifts them into the air. She plays a musical instrument — the organs, bells, tambourines, without touching them with your hands. "

And in 1912-1914. E.Filding, member of the study of psychic phenomena, studied the ability of telekinesis the Polish medium Stanislava Tomchuk, in a state of hypnosis on the instructions of the experimenter is forced to move on the table match boxes and spoons without touching them.

British psychologist Kenneth Batcheldor after 20 years of studying telekinesis published in 1966 a detailed report in the cat Oromo drew the conclusion that the possibility of mental impact of humans on the physical objects, change their position in space.
His conclusion is confirmed by the experiments of Dr. Robert Jahn, head of the Laboratory of abnormal studies at Princeton University. It conducted thousands of experiments, which involved hundreds of people — men and women of different ages and professions. They had the same problem, mentally make oscillate pendulum placed under a clear plastic cover. Able to cope with it for a few. Five of the subjects were able to do so at any time of the day at a considerable distance from the pendulum, and the rest — in only a few cases.

Sensational "phenomenon of K"

Marxist science in the Soviet Union categorically denied the possibility of any physical impact thoughts. When a small object hung in the air, under the hands of the subject, it is so contrary to the laws of physics that scientists were more willing to not believe my eyes, than to admit the reality of this phenomenon. But one can not indefinitely ignore the facts, especially accompanied by film and photography.

"The phenomenon Kulagina" became a sensation thanks largely Moscow psychologist Edward Naumov. When rumors reached him that in Leningrad there is a woman whose hands are like a "magic wand", he went to the northern capital, taking the journalist Lev Kolodny, so that tells about their familiarity with the "witch":

"We were on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, where she lived, Ninel Sergeyevna housewife with three children and her husband, a member of the party, the lead engineer of the Baltic shipyard Viktor Vasilyevich Kulagin. At the dinner table I put the pen cap. Scattered near matches. Tourist found a compass. And we saw at hand Ninel cap jerks, not falling, went on a rough cloth, Matches huddled like magnetized. The compass needle spun. Then he spun around the compass with the strap and walked to the edge of the table. "

On his return to Moscow Naumov got to film group sent to Leningrad for shooting at the apartment Kulagin. Availability of lighting, cameras, a lot of people for a long time did not allow Kulagina focus. Finally, she was able to move the needle of the compass, which is used as a warm-up device. Under the tension passes hands hand starts to wobble. Gradually, this buildup transformed into rotation, and the needle follows the movements of the hands. The hands are then cleaned and Kulagina controls the rotation of the arrow with his eyes.

After a warm-up she was ready to demonstrate telekinesis. Objects moving on a smooth table back and forth. Then the experiment was complicated. Items placed under Plexiglas cube as to isolate them from the rest of the world, but this does not affect the ability of Ninel Sergeyevna move them. During the shoot, which lasted for five hours, she lost 8 pounds.
Subsequently, in a quarter-century Kulagina demonstrated his gift to all scientists who wish to explore it. Learning "phenomenon K", was made to call it, engaged in more than 25 different research laboratories: in Leningrad and Moscow universities, in a mental institute named after Bekhterev in Polenov Neurosurgical Institute of the Academy of Medical Sciences, the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of the USSR.

During the experiments it was found out that in addition to telekinesis Ninel Sergeyevna can: hand and eye illuminates the film, feeling like a hot burning sensation in other people, and even leave on their body burns to create an acidic environment in different liquids, has a soothing effect for some diseases.
However, "the phenomenon of K", despite numerous studies, has not been solved. And in 1991, after a serious illness of this wonderful woman is gone.


No less impressive results were obtained in experiments with Boris Vladimirovich Yermolayev. In 1955, he joined the 1st Medical Institute in Leningrad, where he became interested in psychiatry. In the group of famous Soviet "guru of parapsychology," Professor Leonid Vasiliev, he participated in experiments in telepathy and "seeing with your fingers." But soon, according Ermolaeva, "I was terribly bored, I realized that medicine was not my calling, and entered the Film Institute." By its end was quite successful director and actor.

Telekinesis Ermolaev engaged accidentally. In 1967, he was at a party with friends, where she first encountered a similar phenomenon. My host S. knotted handkerchief, hold it a little bit the fingers of both hands, and, when his arms, a scarf hanging in the air under the fingers. Ermolaev decided that S. hides in sleeves suit magnets, and a handkerchief tied unnoticed piece of iron. To expose him, Boris suggested magician standing in a vase hanging spherical flower asters. S. agreed, and soon a flower too hung under his hands. For Ermolaeva it was a surprise: after all, the flower could not act magnetic fields. It became clear that the hanging flower is not the focus, and parapsychological phenomena, and was eager to learn the ability to hang items.

For two weeks Ermolaev worked hard under the guidance of various items kept for hours in the fingers, but once unclenched them, they fell. Desiring to encourage, coach told him that he must wait for the effect of "sticking his fingers in the subject." Finally, one day, tired, and come in a kind of drowsy state Ermolaev felt that his fingers were "stuck" in the subject so that it was difficult to tear himself away. With great effort Ermolaev opened his arms, and the subject, though not for long, hanging in the air under the arms.

In the future, successful experiments were repeated. Ermolaev developed its own methodology. Usually in the beginning he took a deck of cards and trying to determine the color of each card in her shirt, as he did during the "reading fingers" in medical school. So he tried to check the level of their "parapsychological form." And if the cards something did not work, never went on to attempt to hang in the air objects.

In 1972, the test of the Ermolaeva engaged psychology professor Benjamin Pushkin. In the two experiments were conducted in Latin laboratory of the Moscow University, and which was signed by members of the Academy of Sciences. As an example, condensed statement of one of the experiments:
"Preliminary experiments with cards gave satisfactory results, the color card was guessed in 34 cases out of 36, which observers Fasting retired with him in a quiet room with the stopped clock to be ticking did not violate the concentration Ermolaeva.
It began with that Ermolaev picked up various items (lighters, cigarettes, cartons of cigarettes), kept these things in their hands, and then released them. Objects onto the floor. Among this series of failures suddenly — perhaps surprisingly for the test and, in any case, observers and psychologists — is up in the air, a lit cigarette. It hung just a few seconds and fell. After this, as a few seconds, hanging box of cigarettes.

The first item, which is pretty long hovered in the air, had plastic sunglasses. The impression was so strong that one of the observers loudly expressed their admiration. Points immediately fell to the floor, and Ermolayev harshly cautioned against uttering any words was when hanging object. It distracts his attention and leads to a drop in the subject.
After hanging two or three items Ermolaev relaxed so that created the opportunity of checking whether the observed facts of the suspension of any accessories. A psychologist checks are carried out, Pushkin, who put his head between his hands and hanging objects Ermolaeva, but could not find threads that are hanging object.

As hanging items occurred more successfully, Ermolaev felt more calm and finally agreed to go into the next room and give the opportunity to photograph themselves with a suspended object. Had photographed with a flash, and in the process, it was possible to clearly identify two psychologically different stages. In the first stage flash immediately led to the fall of the subject and therefore cause irritation Ermolaeva. But very soon Ermolaev accustomed to this situation and began to control themselves so that it was possible to take some pictures. "

Author: S.Barsov
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Magic and Mysticism »№ 14 2011,

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