Teleportation by David Copperfield

December 25, 2012 1:23

In fact, the human mind is always trying to "hide" a convenient excuse. And even the people who are supposed to be free from blinkers outlook. This "hiding" I had to watch after the show David Copperfield.

This was my last visit to his speeches before I left. It was held in a suburb of San Francisco, and our friends invited me to go and Svetlana. Unfortunately, Svetlana was not able to come to the U.S., as the authorities have refused to issue her a new permit to enter the country, which, in principle, be a violation, but this will be discussed later. Tickets friends bought a few months prior to the submission, and when it became clear that Svetlana fail to come to San Francisco, I offered her a ticket to Michael Dehta, which, incidentally, has never been on the representation of David Copperfield. David Copperfield in the day showed a lot of interesting things, like the real thing, and tricks from the luggage of illusionists. Every real action required large reserves potential and accompanied by a large load, and therefore, after the actual deeds, David Koperfild showing tricks from his rich repertoire. This is understandable. And, it shows on stage real action. I saw this action for the first time.

On the big screen in the hall shows the live broadcast from the Pacific Ocean, from one of the islands in the Hawaiian archipelago. The camera in the room and the camera live broadcast from Hawaii synchronized. The screen in the hall, all the spectators watching the ocean, coastal sand, which comes in waves with rustling and with the same rustling rolled back, leaving a strip of wet sand. On the sand is placed quite a large piece of white linen. All this camera live shows on the screen room. David Copperfield is back to the room and repeatedly throws in room air-filled ball, which jumps from row to row for as long as anyone in the audience did not catch. Lucky takes the stage, and then another, another, and another. Typing, so four or five, David Copperfield asks his assistant to make a Polaroid picture of him with this group of people, asked them all to sign this general picture, puts it in the pocket of his jacket, comes for a special screen, which is visible through its silhouette , in a puff of smoke disappears from the room and … at the same moment from the veil lifted on the Hawaiian coast, takes just taken picture in the hall with all signatures! ..

I think there is no need to say that David Copperfield then demonstrated teleportation of the room on one of the islands of the Hawaiian archipelago. Most of the audience hall teleportation perceived as cool "trick", and all … it's easier for the audience, do not have to puzzle over, to think! Great show and all! But Michael Dehta was not just a man in the street, he witnessed and participated in many incredible events and would have to react somewhat differently. When I asked him about his impressions of teleportation, I was surprised by his answer. He said that, they say, was a good trick! Michael even thought would not allow the fact that everything happening was real!

He, too, was easier to think so, despite the fact that even the most simple analysis demonstrated teleportation clearly illustrates the fact that everything was real. David Copperfield is not a twin brother, he has a younger brother, but not a twin brother, and that looks much different from him. Can assume the presence of his absolute twin (which is doubtful), but the voice, manner of speech, facial expressions and body language that appears on the Pacific coast people were absolutely the same as that of the David. Which, among other things, took out the outer pocket of his jacket and showed them which sat in the hall in a suburb of San Francisco, photo taken by him in the hall, with all signatures of the people from the audience, with whom he was photographed in front of everyone in the room. Photo taken polaroid — a special picture! Always, there is only one copy. Even if we assume that uses special polaroid, combined with a digital camera, the image which immediately was transferred to Hawaii, where she was to be printed, put in something like a photo taken with a polaroid and some incredible way to put into the outer pocket of a miracle double, completely buried in the sand, then how is it, in this photo were the signatures of all those who have been in this photo! After all, David Copperfield, never for a moment gave this picture of someone or their staff in the hall …

Can be a long time to describe the impossibility of any other explanation except one — teleportation. And Michael Dehta, a man who must have been aware, at least, that's what, chose to ignore the obvious. So why require a simple layman, poorly educated and far from the understanding of such phenomena? And anything else is not expected — it is easier to label "trick" and then go to sleep, wondering what to hit upon the current magicians and how "far" stepped technological "progress" of humanity! ..


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