The area of forest fires in the Tomsk region declined by 200 hectares

Forest fires are raging in the Tomsk region in the square 8.357 thousand hectares, it is almost 200 hectares less than in the previous day, said Saturday RIA Novosti the regional Emergencies Ministry.

According to authorities, on Friday morning, the area of forest fires in the region of 8.544 hectares.

"Currently, there are 33 fire in 11 districts with a total area of 8.357 hectares. During the day, it was localized to the area of 13 fires 4.58 thousand hectares, put out three fires a total area of 516 hectares. Emerged two new fire on 42 hectares," — Emergency Situations Ministry said.

According to the MOE, the most difficult situation in Alexander, Verkhneketskyi and Kargasok areas.

Extinguishing fires involving more than a thousand people.

The forests in the region continues to operate a state of emergency. Tomsk is shrouded in dense smoke and carbon monoxide in the air exceeds the norm.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Friday called the anomalous situation with forest fires in the Tomsk region, called on the region to mobilize all relevant services and instructed the head of MES to bring the situation to fighting under special control. The region on Saturday arrived Emergencies Minister, heads Rospotrebnadzor and FFA.

On Thursday in the second half of the day because of the Tomsk airport smog does not accept and does not send the planes.

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