The Army will buy 30 pieces of Mi-35M

"Mi-35M in the shops Rostvertol"
"Mi-35M in the shops Rostvertol"

Interfax-AVN — The Russian Air Force will procure 30 Mi-35M — a modernized version of the combat helicopter Mi-24, said Tuesday, "Interfax-AVN," the representative of the press service of the Defense Ministry and the information on the Air Force Col. Vladimir Drik.

Currently, the assembly is the first six Mi-35 for the Russian Air Force, the first production aircraft already undergoing testing of a shock.
"We are planning to purchase the initial batch of Mi-35M in an amount of about 30 units, but that does not mean that the priority in the equipment parts Air Force helicopters given to this car" — said V.Drik.
According to him, the Air Force will continue to purchase the serial-weather attack helicopter Mi-28N "Night Hunter". "There were no revisions of plans to purchase aircraft in favor of the Mi-35 is not. Each of these machines perform their tasks, "- said the representative of the Ministry of Defense.
At the same time, he noted that when equipping troops priority of the new technology — the helicopter Mi-28N. "A Mi-35 helicopter is positioned as the transition to facilitate the training of flight crews with the Mi-24, Mi-28N", — said V.Drik.

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