The attack on Oleg Kashin: Video

Investigators obtained video footage of the beating of the journalist of the newspaper "Kommersant" Oleg Kashin got into one of the online media, despite the Attorney General instructed the President to take the investigation of the case under the "special" controls.

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> On the recording surveillance camera, published resource Life News,

see how Oleg raid two men knocked him to the ground and about two minutes methodically and brutally beaten by some object — probably an iron bar, brought in a bouquet of flowers. Observers point out that such evidence may be the secret of the investigation, and this "leak" looks at least strange. Meanwhile "Novaya Gazeta" recalls that before the Khimki activist

Konstantin Fetisov which was beaten on the eve of a similar scenario and was seriously injured, the police drove 4 hours.. The attack on the journalist was committed on Saturday night at Pjatnitskoj street in Moscow, when he returned home. Kashin was seriously injured and was admitted to a hospital that specializes in surgery of the face and jaws. According to doctors, he had broken jaws, legs, hands (one nail phalanx was actually divorced), traumatic brain injury and multiple injuries.

Being unable to find and convict those responsible for numerous previous murders and attacks on journalists, the government has created a climate of impunity

On Saturday, Oleg had surgery, he was immersed in medykamentozny sleep. On Sunday, the journalist had been made by the new operation. Surgeons worked three hours after which the doctors have assured that the brain of Oleg is not in danger., Kashin's wife

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