The bunker in the event of the Apocalypse decided to build near Ufa


Near Ufa plans to build bunkers in case of Apocalypse, said the director of the developer Elvira Ishkinina.

According to her, the installation of shelters at 745 locations in 25 km from Ufa in the south-west direction will begin after the conclusion of agreements with those wishing to buy a place in it.

"When a sufficient number of people, 200-300 people, we will make an agreement with them, collect the money and begin the installation of the bunker" — said Ishkinina.

According to her, install an underground shelter of prefabricated constructions for two to three weeks. In the bunker provides hospital room, dining room and bedroom units of different class.

"Separate apartment of 23 square meters with a bathroom and shower and a kitchen worth 1 million 730 thousand rubles, a room of 14 square meters. m — 690 thousand rubles per bed — 125 thousand rubles, "- said the interlocutor.

According to her, a bunker designed to protect against biological attacks, natural disasters, man-made disasters, terrorist attacks. Without contact with the outside world people will be able to live from 9 to 12 months, specified Ishkinina.

The company guarantees to buyers in the bunker in case of any emergency, prescribed in the contract, but the use of square meters in a time of peace is impossible.

In addition, the area of the hopper can bequeath to leave children or relatives.

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