The CEC did not reveal abnormalities in Lukashenko

The Central Election Commission has not found violations of the electoral law in the work of the initiative group of Alyaksandr Lukashenka. It is said in response to a complaint by the Central Commission candidate for the presidency of the leader of the campaign "Tell the Truth" by Vladimir Neklyaeva.

In a complaint filed facts Nekljaev people collecting signatures outside the action group Lukashenko, as well as in places where it is prohibited by law.

In response, the CEC noted that the information provided in the complaint, or is of a general nature and can not verify it, or have not been confirmed in the course of inspections.

The response also states that a number of facts cited in the complaint, the Central Commission has already conducted test. In particular, the results of one of these visits the Central Commission appealed to the head of the Leninsky district of Minsk with a request to "consider the administrative prosecution chief of ideological and educational work of the Department of Education Noskova, as it were exceeded official powers, as expressed in the fact that it has established a schedule of employee participation of several secondary schools and pre-schools in the rally on petition the voters. "


Elections 2010

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