The chief designer of Izhmash told about the AK-12

The chief designer of "Izhmash" spoke about the AK-12AK-12 is being developed at the "Izhmash" will get a new trigger mechanism, the frame and modular design. This was in an interview on "expert" told the chief designer of the plant Vladimir Zlobin.

According Zlobina, work began on a new machine in the middle of 2011, and by the end of the year came the first layout. Existing standards are constantly being improved, and the last time will be made by the new version of the machine, which will be held preparatory tests at the factory.

Assembling the machine as Zlobin said, remains a tradition. It will be like that of a conventional automatic Kalashnikov. With all of this from their predecessors AK-12 will seriously differ on is constructive and ergonomics. Thus, automatic equip a new muzzle brake. It was 20 percent more efficient than the previous family of machines, providing a more comfortable, stable shooting, also reducing the impact by 20 percent.

AK-12 was firing mode with a cut-off in three shots and bolt stop to recharge frisky. The handle can be mounted charge on both the left and the right. Butt machine is regulated under the shoulder. In addition, remove the machine from the safety device, to change the shooting mode and you can shop with one hand. For additional hardware AK-12 got Picatinny rail.

Due to the modified dynamics of moving parts, an AK-12 has too high accuracy of fire. Zlobin said, AK-12 on self-efficacy is comparable to the AK-107, which is implemented in the development of the equilibrium automation. Yet, the AK-12 from the equilibrium Automation decided to abandon, as it makes more expensive instrument, with all this, reducing its reliability.

As with previous generations of machines, the AK-12 is adapted for mounting bayonet and doing martial arts. In the standard configuration machine will be equipped with 30-round magazine. For special versions will be stores in 20 rounds (for special forces), box of 60 rounds of ammunition and 100 rounds of ammunition drum. In addition, the AK-12 for a special purpose forces can get replacement barrel and bolt group.

Separately, in an interview with "professionals" Zlobin told about the new cartridge AK-12. According to him, the police service in almost all unhappy with the existing 5.45, 5.56 and 7.62. Later AK-12 can get new "crotch" caliber.

As explained by Chief designer "Izhmash", the development of the AK-12, he relied on the experience and knowledge of their own teachers — designers Steckin Korobov and Afanasyev, with whom he worked at the Tula Arms Plant.

Earlier on the AK-12 in an interview with "" the CEO told the "Izhmash" Maxim Kuzyuk.

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