The chief military prosecutor wants to return to the original military training school

The chief military prosecutor wants to return to school basic military trainingIn the secondary schools of the Russian Federation to restore the original military training (CWP), says chief judge advocate Sergei Fridinskiy.

"In my opinion, the original military training, at a minimum, need to return to school, and then deal with it and all the other steps, "- he said, speaking today at a meeting of Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation," Interfax ".

According to the views of Fridinsky patriotic and ideological education of young people must be addressed prior to their joining the army. After 18 years, when it comes to military service, it's already taken place, able-bodied people who have to answer for their actions, I'm sure chief military prosecutor.

He also highlighted the importance of educational work being done by the officers. Has been developed encompassing program that related to the respective training of officers in military universities, which including accounts and work in a multicultural environment. According to the views of Fridinsky, issues of education of young people to engage with society and the army.

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