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December 18, 2012 7:25

Mayan priests were not the only ones looking for the date of the end times. Eastern sages already knew something about it.

This is a strange drive, unique in the world is not, Novosibirsk, archaeologists found 40 years ago, but only recently found out that it is encrypted ancient oriental calendar. Do this thing was something in common with the famous Mayan Calendar: in fact, and in another case had hidden secret signs for information on the limits of space and time can be interpreted in different ways.

Find in a cave

In 1970, an expedition of the Institute of Maritime Archaeological unit of History, Philology and Philosophy, Siberian Branch of the USSR led excavations at the vast valley of Nakhodka Bay, near the mouth of the Guerrilla. This fertile area in the mountain taiga in the XIII century was a place of settlement Jurchen — tribes who founded a century earlier in Manchuria and northeast China State of Jin, or the Golden Empire.

In one of the days of the expedition, archaeologists decided to explore the place nearest to the excavation of the cave. Among them there was also known among the local population as a bat. Scientists have laid almost at the entrance of pit exploration, among other things, they got a very curious thing — a metal disc with two holes. Offhand discovery gave a vague definition of "Coin-amulet", brought to Novosibirsk and for a long time almost forgot about it. "This was done deliberately, — says the head of the expedition, now a doctor of historical sciences, head of the Institute of Archaeology of the Neolithic archeology and ethnography Vitaly Medvedev. — We were not clear informative importance of the find in the whole and its parts to it. It required the organization of a leisurely, extraordinary research directions search. " This kind of work took Doctor of Historical Sciences, Senior Research Fellow, Department of archaeological theory and computer at the same institute Vitaly Larichev.

Encryption from the past

Archaeologists have known many of the Chinese coins and an earlier time, similar to this thing in shape, but not in the picture. Usually on one side of the coin, which represents the yang energy, depicting four characters which indicate to what dynasty belonged coin. And on the side of the yin placed two signs. Depending on which of the emperors when was minted coin in it could be further specified motto ruler.

The style of ancient Chinese charms, too well known to historians. They are always displayed a certain story line — for example, "The Tortoise and the Crane collect longevity."

Thing out of the cave in the informative context is much more sparse — one point but only cuts. Vitaly Larichev suggested that they encoded some information of value to people. After painstaking calculations, scientists have found that the subject contains 74 notches on the rim surface and 433 round, such as grain, convexity. Granulation field is divided into four unequal numerical block. The upper segment to the right of the round hole, contains 96 "seeds", the upper segment, which left a round hole, — 99, and the lower segment of the left — the 116, the lower end of the right — 122 "grain." According to the researchers, this is a kind of mathematical texts, reflecting the duration of months, seasons, years, and perhaps a period of years, that is actually a real calendar. In this case, rounded bulge presumably represent day. Larichev calculated that in the calendar encrypted cycle times, reflecting the periods of rotation in the sky "wandering objects" — the Moon, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and others. For example, under the number 116 in the lower segment of the left lies neither more nor less than the number of days for which orbits the Sun closest to the planet — Mercury. "The fact that the religious-mythological significance of Mercury was extremely high in the astral culture of the South Asia, and the Middle and Near East — explains Larichev — because this fact could not be reflected on the amulet." Indeed, in the same Babylon planet Mercury was the god of heaven matched Naboo — the patron of letters. If we remember that it is the art of writing has brought Sumer and Babylon on the path of rapid development of civilization, it is easy to understand the importance of the influence of Mercury.

According to the researcher, the drafters of the calendar had a lovely view of the starry sky. So, if you combine elements of the two upper segments of the grain and multiply it by three, one with almost unerring accuracy to calculate the synodic revolution of Venus — the time interval between two successive connections of this planet to the Sun by observing them from the earth. According to the ancient Chinese calendar, this period is 585 days, and in fact, 583.9 days, as we can see, the difference insignificant.

According to scientists, in 433 swells in an amulet encrypted intervals, during which the moon orbits the Earth. This period is called the sidereal and is 27.32 days. This does not mean that the year in representation Jurchen lasted 433 days. As an amulet, according to scientists, hidden away as the moon and the solar calendar. For example, 122 "seeds" in the lower right segment is likely to correspond to the usual third of our calendar year, however, a leap year.

Whole disk, as suggested by the researcher can mean the universe in its entirety, and a convex rim as it delineates the boundaries, the limits in terms of the spatial modeling the temporal structure of the universe. Does this mean that, looking at the calendar, you can find the information about the end of time, such as that which some researchers saw in the Mayan calendar?

Looked into eternity

Vitaly Larichev does not claim that his version is the only correct interpretation, but are inclined to think that in this ancient oriental calendar rather too contains information about the infinity of time. In essence, this calendar of eternity, which is a system of chronology, which was used at the time and the indigenous people of Central America. According to it, the motions of the stars and planets, calculated the solar and lunar eclipses. All this made it possible to predict the ancient rulers of natural phenomena and actually predict the future, skillfully managing its people. If for some reason the people were dissatisfied with the rulers, they can with the magician or astrologer, who could read the secret signs calendar advance "assign" the date of the next end of the world, for example in the form of the upcoming solar eclipse. What could be the impact of such fearsome characters? However, such ignorance is rooted in the minds of different people until about the late Middle Ages, and then people realized what was happening. For example, similar pendants representing the calendar, meet the Incas, for which the time also was combined with the space. From historical sources we know: in the XVI century, when the Incas were asked whether they grasped that the world should end, they laughed in response.

Vitaly Larichev believes that the amulet of the cave bat, showing the plan of the universe as a kind of card space, can and do represent a mandala — a sacred symbol of ancient Buddhist cosmological mythology and magic, which means "the platform of the universe." Supposedly these days of knowledge that is encoded in an amulet, helps to effectively manage time, to anticipate events, to extract the maximum profit from the planned transactions. If so, it only shows the high level of scientific knowledge in the Jurchen empire, which for good reason, therefore, called Gold.

Vasili Dyatlov

Ivliev Alexander, Ph.D., Deputy Director for Research of the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of the Peoples of the Far East, Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences:

— As for the astronomical knowledge of the Jurchen Chin era, they (not all of course) were very enlightened in this regard. Just look astronomical calendar-section in the "Jin Shi" ("History of the Jin Dynasty") — the main official source for the history of this state, made in XIV century. However, "Jin Shi" such information is not in the form of a sequence of points, and in chronological tables showing the record of various astronomical phenomena. At the beginning of the XIII century monuments in Primorye often bronze amulets depicting the 12 animals and their corresponding cyclic hieroglyphic signs. These things are often referred to as calendars, although it is likely that they were just a shield. Vitaly Larichev has years of experience deciphering ancient calendars from the Paleolithic period. It may be that here he will reveal some connection to the solar and lunar cycles. While such a finding is the identity, the truth of its interpretation of the calendar is very difficult to prove, but I think that this hypothesis is valid.

Alexei Kirillov, numismatist:

— Ancient Chinese coins were originally a symbol of the unity between heaven and earth. Earth symbolizes the square neckline inside the coin, and sky — its round shape. In this regard, the subject partially like a coin, but it is unlikely. It seems to me that it is a cult object. It is known that most of the highly amulets ancient East are medallions representing the attributes of physiognomy, soothsayers, and other soothsayers. Coin-cast charms and medallions were not only mints and temple workshops. Perhaps this temple medal.

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