The Commander in Chief said that the Russian Air Force will receive lately newest tactical missile

The Commander in Chief said that the Russian Air Force will soon latest tactical missileNew tactical rocket will soon go into service Air Force RF. This rocket should significantly enhance the combat ability of the fleet of. On Tuesday in Moscow, said Col. Gen. Alexander Zelin, Commander of the Russian Air Force, when he spoke on a decade of "Tactical Missiles".

He said that in real time at the aviation training ground are working to design and build a new air combat missiles, which will significantly increase the production capacity of the Air Force RF. Such aircraft as the MiG-31 BM will be received completely new features in action.

Zelin stressed that in this upcoming tactical rocket will be used at other Russian aircraft combat mission.

He also recalled the recent development of air-launched cruise missile, the development of combat aircraft fifth generation. Zelin stressed that the new missile systems produced by the company, will be located on the fighters fifth generation. Commander of the Air Force said that the company's products will help knit using its aircraft with the vnutrifyuzelyazhnyh placement. The use of aircraft during an air battle takes in this regard, of particular importance.

Boris Obnosov, is the CEO of TRV, said the increase in the coming years the volume of production of military purpose for certain types of seven to ten times. Also, in recent years the company will be completed tests of missiles with 10 positions.
Managing UAC Misha Pogosyan stressed that before the "United Aircraft Corporation" and expansion valve supplied by the huge tasks for the implementation of which will need a lot of effort not only in the current year, and in the following years. Pogosyan said that the companies have huge prospects, among which work on aviation complex 5th generation also work on strategic aviation.

On the festive meeting of Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Sergei Prikhodko was voiced by presidential decree on awarding Boris Obnosov Order "For the Fatherland IV honors degree" (for strengthening the defense capability of the country).

Sergei Prikhodko, on behalf of Dmitry Medvedev was thanked all employees for the contribution which They brought in to strengthen the defense RF and to the development of DIC.

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