The dead do not die

January 8, 2013 8:29

Woman, 20-year-old son had died two years ago in a car accident, said that the late Tony sends her hand, sending written messages from the dead.

Greetings from the dead

A few days after the funeral of 52-year-old Sally Woodmansee from the British city of Heme Bay, Kent, heard something fall in the kitchen with shelves. It was a box of potato chips, which are so in love with her son. Without even having to think about how to how to box could fall on the floor, she suddenly noticed that metal utensils hanging from hooks on the wall, was the swing itself and fight against each other. Deciding that it daydreaming, Sally went into the bedroom and out of harm's way, went to bed. However, the next morning in the kitchen once again faced with the manifestations of the present poltergeist!

Paranormal continued to pester the poor woman for a week, until she finally decided to seek help from a psychic. At the meeting she immediately said that it is very pleased that Ms. Woodmansee finally came to it, because the spirit of Tony already wasted it with their visits. In this medium, reported her son, who died this information, which only knew Sally.

"She said that Goni want to chat with me, says Sally, and for this I just need to sit in a dark room in the 6 am hour with a notebook and pen in hand."

After a visit to a psychic woman long pondered her words, and finally decided on "contact". "It took seven or eight minutes before something happened, but then my hand started to move by itself — says Sally. — However, I absolutely did not feel anything, and when I came, I saw that my handwriting on paper is written the word "Tony". "

Struck occurred, the woman the next morning again secluded in a dark room and has since spent hundreds of "Session" and fill a 12 thick notebooks A4 with a message from his son. In this case, Ms. Woodmansee says he does not know what to write in a trance, her hand, and met with the records only when the spirit of "let go" of it.

Tony, according to his mother, says he is now in a very different world, that this place is full of vivid colors and sensations of kindness.

"Journey to Life" continues beyond the limits of the physical body

Here are just a few of his posts from the world, which results in the publication The Kent News.

"As soon as you arrive here, just get in the circle of people with whom they are associated and are familiar in the world — is dead before you family, friends and those with whom you have at least a few times during his life intersect."

"It really helps to integrate smoothly into a new life, especially if you are young and your life is suddenly cut off, but you were not willing to leave it."

"There are no borders for countries there are no boundaries in towns or villages. This is one world in which our journey through life continues beyond the physical body. " "Our world is full of vivid, lively and very intense colors that are not so easy to find in the world. Something similar can be seen except that somewhere in the tropics or in the middle of the ocean. "

"The consequence of the huge number of abortions in the world is the large number of children who come to us. Here is another take on the responsibility for them. And they do it with more love than anyone can imagine;

Sally Woodmansee understands that in her stories and writing, many do not believe it, because she was, until recently, was a skeptic. But just do not have much of any explanation as to what was happening. "I'm not a psychic, and have never believed in ghosts, — explains the woman. — I've been trying to find another explanation for what happened, but could not, and only then to believe that I can communicate with my dead son. "

According to a poor mother, the worst thing for the parents — the death of their child. Now Sally knows that her son is happy, and it comforted her.

Relax and let go of all thoughts

This mysterious phenomenon researchers call automatic (unconscious) mail or hand-psi hografiey, boom which goes to — XIX century. In "Practical Guide" of the time emphasized that if you have mediumistic abilities, the pen always tremble in your ruke will move slowly and not your own. You only have to hold the handle so as not to be able to write their own, but if about to start doing it. To relax and let go of all thoughts. At first nothing happens. But then …

What is the nature of these phenomena, not known for certain. Psychographic usually do not see writing and writing for no erasures, lightning filled the pages much faster than normal people write. Even faster than standing next to investigators and witnesses are able to read. Hand they are sometimes so firmly holding a pencil, very strong people can not let go of their convulsively clenched fingers.

Sometimes it happens that has no relation to the literature person has penned a number of works in which art historians see the style of a writer or poet, who died in the last century or more recently.

German psychologists meanwhile conducted a recent study and found that two thirds of subscribers of both sexes, while talking on the phone, automatically draw all sorts of things on paper (each his), which symbolizes the expression of their internal state at all, or are bound to this conversation in particular.

All of these "pretzel" psychologists also refer to the phenomenon psychography and intently studying. A famous German psychiatrist Anita Mehl claims that possess automatic writing can be very many, almost 80% of people want a long-term training and the right mental attitude.

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