The death of Bulgar — a landmark event for the Russian Federation

The death of "Bulgar" - a momentous event for Russia

The death ship "Bulgaria" was a disaster for Russia next technological nature. In practice, this symbol — that is more than 2-decades, our power is in a state of decomposition. This disaster is not an accident — it is scheduled progress overall degradation of the municipal government, the idea of enrichment at any cost, which took possession of the society from top to bottom, including the business community. Adoration of the "golden calf" goes against common sense, against the personal and collective safety of the people, just as a whole.

Prestigious arguments about the "wild 90s" fundamentally false. Just then the phenomena which broke into people's lives, such as the mass of prostitution, was new to most people. At the current time An old generation used to them, and for the new generations are daily part of their lives. But in fact, terrible social disease that kills our multinational people of the Russian civilization, only grow stronger — drug addiction, alcoholism, mental debilitation, potreblyadstvo, the system is full of corruption and general irresponsibility of people, etc.

The tragedy of "Bulgar" — is another symbol, such as a disaster in the club "Lame Horse" (Perm) in December 2009, as the technological tragedy at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station in August 2009 as the terrible fires of the summer of 2010, caused by the complete collapse of the Service of forest protection. Talk about the accident at events such stupid — they are very ambitious, well and how often it leads to sad thoughts. Ship "Bulgaria" — is symbolically all our homeland! Virtually all the infrastructure, thanks to which we are comparable (with the Black continent, Latin America, significant parts of Asia) live safely — the system of education, medicine, military, steel roads, open and undeveloped deposits of minerals, housing, system water, energy and much more, all had been created during the Stalin era and later Russian five-year plan. All of our past decade power was coasting on that mighty, just Huge backlog, which We left our forefathers. But it will not last forever, it's time to do something yourself, you can not consume endlessly, have fun, live irresponsibly.

And the reality is that our state is no worthy goal, no Applets its merits. During the years of the Russian Federation — no major construction projects that would be proud of the whole country. There is not the 1st hero, although in reality there are ordinary teachers, doctors, officers, soldiers, workers of the agricultural industry, which would be great, "pushing the" on whole The Russian world. It is clear that flickering screens Abramovich, Sobchak, Petrosian, etc — is scum, and not the elite power, not all of them hold.

The main causes of accidents are:

1) The expansion of the municipal government, the state apparatus for decades engaged in virtually everything except their own basic tasks — taking care of the welfare of the inhabitants of power. And his main objective at the present time — the enrichment, the desire to join the evroelitu. To do this, kids uchyat overseas capital held in the same place, buy real estate. Out of this situation one — "cleaning" of the municipal system, from small separations officials, without the right to take life gosdolzhnosti to show trials and public executions of senior officials (following the example of North Korea, China and some other countries). The higher the position — the higher should be the responsibility of management errors and outright crimes. In parallel to create the newest elite — Russian (in terms of the Spirit) to know, and to do special schools: by type of school Shchetinina in the Krasnodar region, the experience of the Third Reich, to develop the idea of Suvorov and Nakhimov schools.

2) The second reason — it is the essence of our Russian business which virtually always creates something new, and ruthlessly exploits that were created during the Soviet era. Profit with the chief of all zapamyatyvaya of simple safety precautions. God these people — the "golden calf". Output in the most severe control of the country over this layer — neokupechestva, stiff penalties are comparable with the responsibility of high-ranking officials. Need a brand new and perfectly system education programm monotonous development, which will bring up a person, not carnivores nedolyudkov.

3) And the third reason — wear all the technological infrastructure of the country. Two decades of use Russian heritage, the substitution of complete renovation and is quite minor importance, as a result — increased frequency of accidents, which could have been avoided, at a constant substitution, full repair, constant care. You can not use the technique, the creation of human hands endlessly — need new Russian aircraft (including civilians of all classes), Russian ships, trains, and more. more. Procurement batches of foreign technology, often already used / y, the problem of not solve.

This catastrophe — this sentence the whole system evolved over the last two decades. Verdict reformers and privatizers. And when the emperor Medvedev wants to follow the wave of privatization, which will include the company's strategic importance, it is a question of the security of all power, all of us. "New Economy" of the Russian Federation made hands of Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Chubais, Gaidar, Chernomyrdin, Nemtsov, and which continues to build Medvedev, this "economy of death", paved with millions of corpses of our citizens. Victims of the "Bulgar" — it's just a colorful catastrophe in a string of tragic years of the "democratization" of the Russian world.

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