The death of the Kursk — kept secret is no more?

The death of the "Kursk" - there are no more secrets?

August 12 will mark another anniversary of the death of the nuclear submarine "Kursk", who died in 2000 in the Barents Sea. It was one of the newer and more reliable submarines. All the same, killing 118 crew members.

Around this disaster was nagorozheno so many plausible, and not, versions of what happened that many of the citizens of the country have not learned the truth. The basic version of the catastrophe the number of collisions with other Underwater boat, rocket explosion in one of the compartments, the undermining of a mine left over from the time of stateliness Russian war.

Was recognized as an official version of the explosion of the torpedo. The government commission that investigated, braked specifically on this version of events, as it may easier to mislead the ordinary man in the street who are not familiar with the intricacies of the fleet.

But this version does not quite meet reality. The fact is that in the bow compartment, where, according to the results of the investigation, and an explosion of educational torpedoes were racking and torpedoes (they are just fighting). So it could still be undermined if there was no fighting inside the torpedo? According to the official version, the explosion occurred as a result of leakage of hydrogen peroxide. But in order to take it, along with the need to recognize the fact that "Kursk" were fully or semi-literate people, or suicide. But because all perfectly understandable that the entire crew was highly qualified, that, accordingly, nothing like that could happen. So Makarov, this version untenable.

Another version, which does not hold water — it version on a landmine during the war. This can be not difficult to refute. In 1-x, lesions that are of such munitions have a corresponding form that confused with something else just unreal. And if indeed it came out, no other versions just would not appear. In-2, a mine of that time could cause severe damage to the boat so to call her immediate death. In addition, polygons, which were carried out exercises are used for similar purposes for decades, they have not once experienced, because we talk about the fact that everything is still possible to find a mine, you can not. Moreover, the "Kursk" equip "mine-detector path." So Makarov, and this version does not match the reality.

The death of the "Kursk" - there are no more secrets?

More comfortably and more so proved is the third version — the assumption that the "Kursk" died as a result of collision with another submarine (or to be precise, the result of torpedoing). Most of the relatives of the dead sailors are convinced that their loved ones died because of the nuclear submarine "Kursk" submarine torpedoed a South American "Memphis." In addition, in the midst of their own rumors that after the crash the Americans wrote off the Russians a lot of debt.

At the same time Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking in an interview, when asked about what did in fact happened with the submarine, said she drowned … By the way, death "Kursk" was the first great tragedy for the time of Putin headed the country.

The death of the "Kursk" - there are no more secrets?

Background of the death of "Kursk" explains the presence of holes in the side of the boat, as evidence of the fact that during the Russian exercises in the same area were South American and British submarines. In addition, on the part of the ship, which was able to raise from the bottom of the sea, very well seen rovnenky round hole, and even more than that, the edges of the hole are bent inward, indicating that external influence. And some South American experts even say that such an opening — it's a kind of trademark symbol of American MK-48 torpedo, which is capable of passing through the iron casing through a special mechanism which located at the bow and able to melt the copper.

The death of the "Kursk" - there are no more secrets?

According to this version, the attack on the "Kursk" was carried out during the South American submarines track "Memphis" and "Toledo" Russian vessel.

Moreover, in the course of the search and rescue operations until such time as the situation is not controlled by the authorities, the media has penetrated about that far from the place of death of "Kursk" were found green rescue buoys, although the Russians use only white and red. Another indication of the plausibility of this version is a welcome signal for help, who perceived the cruiser "Peter the Great" on August 13-14. And if at first rescuers had hoped that these signals are sent to the "Kursk", then later after decrypting them, it became clear that they came from a foreign submarine (they were submitted to mechanical transducer, and on the Russian submarines they are not used). What a posthumous note submarine captain obviously suggests that at this time the ship had no one who could ask for help.

The death of the "Kursk" - there are no more secrets?

It should also be noted that it time, when searching for submarines were alerted planes 2-ASW squadrons, the pilots found oil stains left by another submarine. It is clear that suspicion immediately fell on the British and the Yankees, whose submarines were in the same place. But if the British are fiercely defended his innocence, demanding that the Russians evidence, the Americans were more subdued, as if they had something to hide. And it's true it was that: on the sea days are rescuers found fencing of the conning tower, which is usually installed on U.S. submarines. So Makar, from the very beginning, all was as clear as the authorities did not try very misleading civilian population.

After a few days after the disaster had a conversation between the presidents of 2-countries and, as of course, they were able to agree. In a very small clearance time Clinton announced that the United States
shall be removed from the deployment of missile defense programs from. In addition, Russia forgave a lot of debt and even gave a loan of 10 billion Also strolling rumors that the operation to raise the bodies of the dead crew members of the ship's hull, and also came with the ships of America. And why all of them have presented the Order of Courage, and the captain — the Hero of the Russian Federation before the official end of the investigation? Why not resigned Minister of Defence and the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy? And, in the end, why no names referred to blame for the disaster?

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