The deepest exploration

Deep Exploration

I've heard various stories, but such, be frank, I have not. I told her scout Tolstov Alex Nikodimovich. Here it is for you, word for word:

It is necessary for you to see that the mufti's my specialty — a security guard at the city cemetery. Here I see: you smile! And this I mean I say that the work Scouting I no case have not had.

When hit I in reconnaissance, began to go for the "tongues." The point is for me was unusual, but nothing: accustomed to prick up. The first case, however, was not very successful. I grabbed a German — he escaped. I'm in it with a grenade. Came out of the "language" of a dead man. Because I have to tell you about another case.
We went back for the "language": I Pletushkin and Kruglikov. Came down to a healthy squad. Three of us. Germans pieces 20. We act, in general, good. Killed, for sure, and half crawled, where it was agreed to. And here the problem came to me: just crawled — blasted me with something on his head. In the eyes became black as the grave. While I was, as they say, surprise and thoughts in order, the Germans dragged me far enough.

Brought in for questioning. Nothing, I say, you will not learn from me, except that I myself wish to say. Call me fat Alex Nikodimovich. By nationality I am Russian. My native language — Russian. And my mouth the Russian language does not violate the oath. I know you shoot me, and for you not to leave alive: Russian soldiers bury you on the first level.

They took me to the shooting: First Lieutenant and five privates. They reached the edge of the woods, I shove a spade: "Dig!" Business usual. Began to dig the grave. Hill land grows, and I kept looking at the Fritz: "Oh, I think what" languages "disappear. None of my scout did not come out. " A Lieutenant looks into the pit, and urges: "Schnell, schnell!" I handed him the show: "Do not teach, they say, I know myself."

Dig the grave for himself and all of a sudden I hear: flying. Germans began to fuss. Got their noses in the ground. Well, I think ours! And suddenly tffffiiiyuuuu ..! How gasp! At the edge of forest. I crouched down in the grave, only managed to conceive, "Okay, I dug for myself slot" — a whistle! I just cast aside land. Grave was saved! So it's come right between our air forces with a separate scout in the deepest rear! I am all the more pleased that the Lieutenant was later talkative and gave the headquarters of very valuable information. Oh, I gave him the go! To the most of our trenches dragged on for yourself. He did not even make a sound ever: silent, like a corpse at the funeral service. And in a bag he was card. Artillery our two hours covered their firing points as an oak lid … As far as the other five Germans, the grave ready for them there. The deepest such a square, in general, for an amateur grave. Tolstov digging! In short, I believe that this is the best of all I have dug graves.
Kalinin Front.

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