The defense ministers of Russia and Ukraine have noted the growing cooperation 2-states in the military field

The defense ministers of Russia and Ukraine have noted the growing cooperation between the two countries in the military field

August 20 in Kiev, chaired by Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and Minister of Defense of Ukraine Dmytro Salamatina was another meeting.

Sub-Commission on Security of the Russian-Ukrainian Interstate Commission.

In the process of working together, the sides discussed a wide range of issues on cooperation in the military sphere.

According to Anatoly Serdyukov, the more "important areas of activity are improving and expanding forms of military and military-technical cooperation, joint operational and combat training."

Thus, it is expected that about 170 Russian and Ukrainian companies will participate in the implementation of development at the current time programs from the military-technical cooperation, calculated up to 2017. This example program is designed to promote the development of mutually beneficial relations in the design, development, maintenance and disposal of weapons and military equipment. With all this, it was noted that some of the technical issues on disposal of ammunition and military equipment, the Black Sea Fleet has been resolved.

Successfully implemented and plans for the development and production of military transport aircraft An-70, which is the currently undergoing flight tests.

The meeting also discussed the prospects of Russian-party landfill landing systems "THREAD", created for the flight personnel carrier-based aircraft. As a result of the joint work on the subject Military leaders from 2-state signed an intergovernmental protocol providing for the resumption of negotiations on a long-term lease of the Defense Ministry of the site.

Busy developing cooperation in training officers for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. On September 1, in military educational institutions of the Defense Ministry on the basis of a grant will study 35 members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and in the upcoming provides an opportunity to enhance the set of Ukrainian people in the Russian military universities.

As examples of work to improve the productivity of operational and combat training of troops have been noted, such joint training and combat activities like exercises "Fairway of Peace 2012" and "Slavic Commonwealth-2012". According to the statement of Anatoly Serdyukov, the Russian side is ready to accept observers to the Ukrainian military exercises West neighborhood.

The meeting also proved willingness to collaboration in the fight against piracy. For this purpose, the respective project is preparing an international agreement regulating the cooperation in this direction.

Anatoly Serdyukov, evaluating the results of the meetings and activities of the Sub-Committee and its specialized sub-commissions in general, noted that "this is the true time — measured sound mechanism for decision-making and control over their timely execution."

With all of this, he said, "the key is what is the frank and constructive dialogue." "This, in turn, provides the opportunity to not only agree on the various nuances of bilateral cooperation, and actively develop multilateral partnership" — highlighted the head of Russian military.

In turn, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Dmytro Salamatin said that "today's meeting showed an example of a pragmatic approach to solving common problems, showed confidence like the attitude of defense departments 2-countries."

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