The Earth can not contain more than five hundred million people living the western way of life


Former NASA climatologist Devane Cecil, recently participating in a broadcast Sharon Klein, said that Earth can not contain more than five hundred million people used to live "in a Western." He also stressed that population control and over volumes of fresh water are "critical global need."

Dr. Cecil, formerly of the researcher, as NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric phenomena, now works at the National Climate Centre alerts of Asheville, North Carolina.

Dr. Cecil, a specialist — a climatologist, although it recognizes that the human influence on climate is still not proven, but also evinces concern that "The earth can fully meet the needs of only half a million people living" Western "levels of consumption."

Devane Cecil said radio presenter:

"We can accurately predict the weather for ten days in advance, weather forecasts for periods ranging from two to twenty years is much less accurate. Weather forecasting and climate change are extremely important for agriculture, population growth and migration, health and quality of life. "

Dr. Cecil still focused on climate change in Mars' past. According to him, the rover Curiosity found basalt rocks "with a high water content, which suggests that in the past, these rocks were part of the ocean floor. On Mars, found evidence of water erosion and polar ice caps in the distant past. "

The above climatic changes are not related to human activity, except when the activities of aliens. Be that as it may, on the red planet no factories which emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Another former employee of NASA's James Lovelock has teamed up with "ekofashistami" Paul Ehrlich and Hansen to call for a reduction in the number of population in the name of Earth.

They write: "The problem with the population of the Earth need to be addressed urgently need to raise the level of education and the empowerment of women, including in terms of employment in the legal field, in terms of property ownership and inheritance, to pay attention to the health of children and the elderly. Modern methods of contraception should be available to everyone. "

Lamenting the fact that "funding of birth control between 1995 and 2008 fell by 30 per cent, which was not in the least due to legislative pressure of religious organizations," the authors say that "education and planning are important to quantify the formation of stable population planet and way of life. "

Their final message read: "In a totally unprecedented emergency society has no other choice but to take drastic measures to prevent the collapse of civilization. Either we change tactics and build a totally new kind of global community, or changes begin to occur unchecked. "

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