The English pub ghost pesters women …

January 5, 2013 21:45

In Birmingham, England, in one of the local pubs, which is traditionally the most visitors are women, recently observed poltergeystnye manifestation of a very unusual properties. Some invisible fun that nips attendees backside. He has already given a name: Grasper (from the English word for "miss").

Bad jokes invisible

One of the first of his "affection" experienced workers pub. Late at night, when the institution were only 41-year-old assistant manager Paul Wharton and two other workers, Paul suddenly felt a strong pinch back. As close to it was empty, she decided that it was a muscle spasm.

She said co-worker about this, and they told her that at night sometimes feel the same way and that is not a spasm, but a real pinch someone unseen.

At first, the invisible tweaks distributed only at night or late in the evening, but then began to misbehave during the day, in the midst of the institution. Constant client pub, 26-year-old Ashley Beland, told the correspondent of the magazine "San", which once stood at the bar with a glass of wine and suddenly felt a strong pinch that involuntarily screamed. According to her, the one who made it such a "joke", must have been very angry and voluptuous. In fury she looked ready to throw out the contents of the glass into the face joker, but the next one was not. Pub worker explained to her the situation. "I was a little scared, but there were many people, and I was relieved — says Ashley. — I did not go, but from the moment prefer to sit or stand with his back to the wall. "

Ghost rapist

Specialists on anomalous phenomena studied 170-year history of the building, which houses the pub. It turned out that in the late 1940s in his basement had been raped and strangled a young girl. Her abuser was executed, but after the execution of a ghost rapist several times at night to appear in the building. He was described as a very pale bald man. In several cases, his mouth was fuming tube. Perhaps this is the current "Gasper". However, then it is not pinching.

Now the ghost is not shown, but, according to witnesses and witnesses, sometimes at night in an institution by themselves appear clouds of tobacco smoke. In addition, the heavy footsteps are heard and heard the sounds move around the furniture.

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