The German machine gun MG36

Reunion in the 90 th year of East and West Germany as required significant financial costs that the management of the Bundeswehr had to turn most of the expensive programs, among which there was also virtually ready for serial production caseless assault rifle G11. In addition, to this inspiring zeal extensive use German contingents in international forces outside the country. And the introduction of unusual patron could become a severe obstacle to this issue. In this regard, the 92-year military government raised the issue of the development of 5.56-millimeter assault rifles and light machine guns unified with it.

Experts Bundeswehr decided that no existing NK33 and NK41 or 5.56-mm machine options "Kalashnikov Assault" (aka "940 Series" and "assault rifle StG to 90") developed in the former GDR are not suitable for this purpose. Contenders for the creation of rifles were "Steyr-Daimler-Pooh" (Austria) and "Heckler und Koch" (Germany). The plan was to buy about 26 thousand rifles and two thousand machine guns.

As to be expected, the company "Heckler und Koch" has been taken greater speed. Soon it is quite affordable family — Manual gun MG50 and NK50 assault rifle. In 1996, they had adopted under the designation MG36 and G36, respectively. In the first quarter of 96-year has begun mass creation of complex 5.56-mm small guns.

The German machine gun MG36

One of the features of the G36 assault rifle is the ability to rework a frisky MG36 installing the languid light wire stem having a bipod and a two-disc ("double drum") store C-MAG 100 rounds of ammunition. In both cases, the barrel length is similar. For parts made of special purpose rifle G36K, barrel length of which is 318 mm. Financial difficulties have become a prerequisite for the purchase of a limited number of data samples, sufficient only for a "limited contingent". In the 99 th year of Bundeswehr soldiers entered the Yugoslav Kosovo, being armed with MG36 and G36.

Designers' Heckler und Koch "to accelerate the development of the assembly has been applied most experienced rifle NK36, which the company has made in the late 70s., USM from G3 and the changed scheme of automation of tons of American Ml6. Gun structurally consists of a receiver with a carrying handle curb optical sight and barrel, moving parts, automatic, folding stock, pistol grip with trigger, shop, store the receiver, bayonet-knife and forearm.

The receiver is made of sheet steel by forging. With all of this, many elements of the design tools are designed makarom that allow for new innovative production methods, including: investment casting, structural shapes, stamping, powder metallurgy.

The German machine gun MG36

Many of the parts do not have serious tolerance that allows the use of a rifle in the criteria of mud and dusty. Thus, to reduce the cost and simplify the production design implements (hand guards, a box of shock trigger, shops, butt) are widely used polymer materials of high-impact glass-filled polyamide.

Iron parts are covered by a special instrument insulating coating. This greatly reduced the thermal radiation instruments in the management of the fire, and as it should, reduce telltale signs, complicating enemy notch shooters in the night thermal imaging devices criteria.

Work automation provided by removal of powder gases. Feature of the instrument was a side gas engine unique designs, made with the division leading mobile parts of control system — the bolt, which is not dependent on the gas piston rod. The stem and the gas piston operating at the front of the gate, moving it back last position. Rotating bolt has seven locking lugs made of the barrel. Cam slot in the bolt carrier rotates the bolt 30 degrees. This decision allowed the exhaust system to make it relatively easy to implement, reducing the weight of the locking unit and reducing the impact of moving parts on the stability of the gun.

The trigger mechanism is mounted in a special box. The trigger mechanism allows single and automatic fire. Flag interpreter (who is also a fuse) two-way, displayed on the pistol handle on both sides of the receiver. Managed by a huge finger, which shoots. The design allows you to carry fire from the right and left shoulder.

The German machine gun MG36

The German machine gun MG36

The German machine gun MG36

Used for reloading a spring-loaded folding machine pen, mounted on the bolt carrier. It will affect the retracting back onto the moving parts of the gun. Handle reloading, which is located on the receiver for cocking leans to the right or to the left. Protection from pollution increases the lack of an open slot for a handle. To remove the spent cartridges in the receiver on the right side holds the window.

Above the center of mass of a light machine gun placed detachable handle, which serves to carry. Sights are mounted on it.

The relevant difference is the absence of any mechanical sights — they changed the same three-time optical sight ZF 3×40, calculated at a range of 70 — 1000 meters and a built-in carrying handle and a red-dot sight that allows for a fire at a range of up to 200 meters. In addition, the handle can be mounted night sight bespodsvetny "Hensoldt" allowing NIGHT MODE conduct aimed fire at the figure on the chest point-blank range (up to 350 meters).

Can be used for shooting cartridge MI93. Of MG36 and G36 likely fire rifle grenades with flame arrester (outer diameter 22 mm) attached to the muzzle of the barrel on. Interestingly, the bayonet was taken from an AK-74 gdrovskogo production.

Despite the possibility of using the store on 100 charges, mostly for light machine gun is a 30-round shop, made of transparent plastic (allows to control the presence of ammo visually) and having a special hot flashes at the sides, created to set the spare magazine.

Shop meets the standard STANAG 4179 adopted by the member countries of NATO. Loading the magazine is done using a special adapter out of the cage on 10 charges. On the weapon in combat criteria attached triple stores (ammunition, which is worn specifically on guns, cartridges equals 90).

The German machine gun MG36
Huntsmen in each division two machine guns: MG3 and MG36

G36 assault rifle when firing bursts showed good accuracy — a distance of 100 meters of all, consisting of 5 shots, giving dispersal least 12 cm Because MG36 heavy barrel of the same length as that of the rifle accuracy specifications are identical. The primary fire mode of G36 — not long queue to 5 shots, of MG36 — a continuous line or up to 15 shots.

Technical properties assault rifle G36 / machine gun MG36:
Cartridge — 5,56 x45;
Weight — 4.1 kg / 4.25 kg;
Length with unfolded butt — 998 mm;
Length with folded butt — 758 mm;
Barrel length — 480 mm;
Effective range — 800 m;
The initial velocity — 925 m / s;
Rate of fire — 750 rounds per minute;
Capacity — 30 patronov/30, 100 rounds of ammunition.

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