The globalists: Technology robbery

The globalists: Technology robbery

Supra-national elite, using the U.S. as its own base ofoperation, hold neo-imperialist policy, destroying hardened and plunging their country into chaos, that use emerging fickleness for robbery of states and peoples.

This technology has long been practiced and extensively used in various countries, adapting to local conditions. About the technology of "controlled chaos", "velvet revolutions" and "economic killer" written mountain of literature, so I will not dwell on them.

I've been using as a base of a major report, "The threat of global war: the driving forces opposing the coalition and the prospects of Ukraine" Yuri Romanenko, made them before the new year, in the course of updating, supplementing, and in some places, and expressing the best of his position.
At first, I wish to agree with the thesis Romanenko, that logic would dictate the events of the next war. And this war for more than one year is in the hot (power) phase and the previously conducted long-term diplomatic, economic, and media.

But I do not agree with the interpretation of the circumstances of the war. The notion that the earth so many people and the ecosystem can not feed them, do not hold water. The current level of technology (according to reports FAO) allows no damage to the ecosystem to feed 24 billion people, instead of 7 living, and 1,5 — as reported by "Club of Rome".

Moreover, even in full in cash of food is enough to absolutely eliminate hunger. As well as the resources available in full is enough to absolutely eliminate poverty (I can prove it, like everything else, multipage calculations, but almost no one will read it because dispense statement of facts).

The problem is not the availability of resources, and in their rassredotachivanii. The same thing goes and social engineer Jean Fresco. Resources may not be well distributed within the existing neo-liberal monetarist system. But instead of the order to change the system of trans-national elites prefer to plunge the world into the latest all-out war, if only to preserve their wealth and influence.

Instead of high-performance technologies is their deliberate braking to justify the theory of the "golden billion". Funds are invested in a pre-inefficiencies of energy as solar and wind, and nuclear, geothermal, fusion energy minimized (since, as stated in a clever man, free energy — it's communism).

The crisis in the economy is deliberately called a crisis of overproduction, but it is essentially a crisis of insolvency demand. How to read Henry Ford "If I had a choice not to pay dividends or to reduce wages, then I would not pay dividends. Since, by cutting wages, we reduced the demand. " That inevitably leads to stagnation.

A neo-liberal economists around the world reduce the incomes of the population that is not only anti-human, and even suicidal.

It's short, without going into a discussion of the sinful nature of the Fed lending rate and currency speculation. In general, the return of Glass-Steagall and the general debt amnesty (as advised by Lyndon LaRouche), though, and will allow for time to restart the system, but will not solve the problem as a whole (and over time it happen again).

So, we are witnessing a change of traditional hegemony. U.S. quickly give way to China (if not demagogue Gorbachev and his flock of communist-mutants, the on-site China could be modernized Soviet Union) which Though America is not throwing an obvious call, but timidly and slowly, evenly takes over the championship, as the industrial potential, and in other ways.

U.S. trying every possible way to prevent it, by economic and diplomatic measures and military operations in the countries of the periphery. For this they even sacrifice their allies an old and tested (we make out the logic of their actions in detail).

We can state with confidence that the evolving war in fact is not dictated drawback of resources, care for the environment or the fabulous zeal for the "democratization" (in this nonsense continue to believe it is absolutely "uporotyh" citizens), and its basis only the imperial ambitions of some Anglo- Saxon elite (the United States and England, at first). They are not willing to put up with the elusive predominance, and so terribly slow.

Prerequisites similar haste to manifest beforehand because not many narrow specialization of most professionals. Some analyzing economic trends, other political classifications, the third military potential, and therefore behold the situation solely in any one slice missing the big picture.

I'm also lucky in almost everything, so I was able to reduce the number of analytical reports from various fields into a single picture. In addition, I worked with the British intelligence, which to me, no one in the Russian language is not translated (and it was inaccessible to most of my colleagues).

So, a few circumstances. In 1-x, and it's more of course, the U.S. is further fall into the debt trap and the recession. And they recently can expect a default, the growth of separatism, ethnic conflicts, massive mess, and even plain-clothes war (Something to choose either all together).

Ukrainian and Russian or pro-Western liberal media "experts" such as Karasev and Yermolayeva never say to you about almost 46 million Yankees, living on food stamps. Either of strongest pro separatist sentiment in several states. Or about the local defaults a number of municipalities and other deplorable state budgets. Or about exorbitant unemployment (officially around 10%, unofficially — above 16%). Or about 10's of millions of migrants who arrived in the U.S. in the last couple of years (most of which hardly provides the UK). Or about the most highest incarceration rate in the world in jail (even miserable Gulag contained in the peak years even fewer).

When I post articles and videos made by the Yankees and describe the real state of affairs in the U.S., some are outraged and accuse me of "manipulation". As if I have here a Hollywood, and I have it all rented and write (because it is different from the pictures being shown by our media.) But usually I do not give a bit of a hundredth of the material, as the fear is that it will not take too much because of the contrast …

In-2, the state of the U.S. military machine far from perfect. Nuclear capability has not been updated 20 years (the last test dates from the year 1992) and is largely out of date, or in general have long been out of order (many missiles and charges above 50 years).

Eminent Technology "Stealth" behold the fact all the modern detection systems. According to the reports of the Naval Institute of the United States, only a third of the fleet is in pretty combat-ready state (and the fleet itself fell to a record low number of 258 pennants).

In many other areas are also significant challenges. For example, according to some sources, the new fall nedavneshnee RQ-170 drone in Iran was due to the fact that Iranian hackers seized control over it. Some calculations also allow us to represent the Chinese "kibervoyska" can in the event of hostilities not only bring down the whole Web on the ground the U.S., and take control of the drones and even a system of American satellites.

Moreover, due to the neuvvyazkami with the budget, the U.S. Navy abandoned the production of the latest generation of Corvettes, the Air Force will greatly reduce the planned number of purchased drones and convention
al combat aircraft, and the armed forces are planned this year to reduce unnecessary 100 thousand people. As we see, the military might of the U.S., though, and continues to be superior, but still declining rapidly.

B-3, the window abilities U.S. weaken China without a direct military confrontation rather rapidly closes. It will equally be reoriented to new markets, including forms the most powerful domestic demand for manufactured products. This will reduce China's dependence on the U.S. economy, and in the future will allow them one hundred percent renounce the use of dollar as a unit of account.

In addition, if in the past year, China's dependence on imported energoelementov was about 30%, in the next few years it will be uniformly reduced. China has discovered large deposits of shale gas and oil (enough for 300 years at current levels of consumption), and the Chinese quickly master the technology of their production. This means that soon (to around 2,018 by the year, if not faster) China will not become dependent on imported hydrocarbons, and it will be even more difficult to control because it can not be cut off the supply of these resources (as the Americans are planning to do with with an attack on Iran).

Again, not so long ago was launched the first Chinese aircraft carrier (acquired from Ukraine sometime unfinished), in 2015 China plans to lower the water three more, and by 2018 — three more. So Makar, China's carrier fleet will be comparable to the South American, in which there are currently 11 aircraft carrier battle groups (some of which are already obsolete).

This is another one of the circumstances that have forced the U.S. to rush, often making mistakes.

There are two ways of how to keep the hegemony — is of Advanced develop themselves or not to develop (or even cause a degradation of man-made) all the rest.

The first way, of course, the U.S. closed, and immediately for several reasons. In 1-x, the country was of strongest deindustrialization associated with the transfer of production to third world countries where taxes are lower and wages.

In-2, in the United States is not necessary for the industrialization of modern infrastructure and industrial base. As demonstrated by one of the nedavneshnih research, even the lion's share of electronics for U.S. weapons systems pose in Asia.

General degradation of U.S. industrial production is also perfectly illustrates the fact cited by Paul Krugman (referring to Steve Jobs) that in the U.S. at the technical level is unrealistic to create iPad, because virtually all the power «Apple» concentrated in China.

B-3, the United States in its quest to make the society of consumers virtually flawless killed their education. And today I just do not have the right to the industrialization of the latest technical professionals (but there are 10's of thousands of professionals for African ethnography, as hundreds of thousands of other such "valuable" college graduates — a product of the liberalization of education). That the stupid Americans, recognizes not only the humorist Zadornov, and an apologist for the predominance of the United States, Zbigniew Brzezinski.

At present, the vast majority of intellectuals and technical professionals in the United States — a first-generation immigrants from the former Soviet Union, India and China. And more is very specific, "sharpened", which makes them maloprimenimymi for the needs of industrialization.

Because the U.S. plays in the reduction of all other general mental debilitation and randomization processes in the world. This game itself to itself (other than the ability of the global war) threatens to roll off the world's population in the new Middle Ages.

1. The introduction of systems being duped by "education" are not giving vsepolnotsennyh knowledge, no form of critical thinking and universal knowledge about the world.

2. Overall mindless consumer mindset.

3. The destruction of productive thinking, replacing it with speculative and parasitic. This includes the creation of such a criterion when the manufacturer receives less profit than the dealer / intermediary (this I did not once come across personally, as a manufacturer of various products).

4. Approval broken neoliberal economic theory as the only correct (although there is no single formula that would be applicable in practice or supported by the facts.)

5. The imposition of a highly specialized, dependent, colonial type of production (monoculture, low-tech).

6. Support for far-right, obscurantist, dictatorial regimes (Arab sheiks monarchies openly fascist movements and Islamic fundamentalism).

7. The struggle for the protection of patents and "ownership of the right" inhibits the development of technology and restricts access to the disk imaging.

8. Promotion of individualism and self-centeredness, which leads to the atomization of society and widespread reduction in the birth rate.

9. Protecting the rights of gays, pedophiles and other deviants, which goes beyond all reasonable limits.

Separately, I would like the brakes on such a nuance of liberal ideology, as deregulation. Specifically immense and mindless deregulation, conducted by fanatical followers of Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman's led to the current deplorable state of both the U.S. and EU countries.

A common fact: the greater industrial development of the country achieved a strong municipal regulation — Japan after the second World War, the Soviet Union during the period of industrialization, the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt, Germany, with its "social market economy", Sweden, Norway, Finland, and many others.

China, in full agreement with this trend began to catch up with the United States through its own of strongest state capitalism and the United States began to receive crisis after crisis because of the strengthened implementation of deregulation (as in Japan in 1975).

But, in fact, this strategy the U.S. establishment has long been unrolled, and the recent actions led them to move to a fundamentally more rigorous phase of regressive policies.

The first direction was "ranking war"Directed against individual Eurozone countries and the EU as a whole. The main purpose of this war was to destabilize the "euro", that capital is not eager to "go out of the dollar" in other currencies.

In addition, the task was put to weaken European integration, as Europe is a very powerful (and, initially, Germany) can become a rival of the United States in the struggle for world hegemony. A weak Europe remains manageable and obedient. Because the United States intensive "wet" of old times of their own NATO allies

Second line — the restriction of access to African resources China (deposits of ores, oil, diamonds etc). Specifically, this was organized by the "Arab Spring" (yes, the preconditions for the disturbances were, but without external initiation situation could still smolder for a long time, as is the case in Ukraine), the result of which was published a few changes of regimes, a pair of small wars and has even been created the new government — Southern Sudan. But the Chinese do not give up and in some places continue to replay the Yankees and their allies, financing and other forces to outbid local leaders.

The third area — an attempt to encircle China aggressive countries it also provoke internal mess and separatism. That's why Obama and Clinton flew almost half of all Asian countries, in every way trying to hurt their business with China. In general, little unfortunate, because in almost all these countries, China has embodied its own analog of "Marshall Plan" by making their economies are closely linked with China, which is also developing the local infrastructure.

The fourth area — is the establishment of control over world oil production, f
irst in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula. So Makarov, killed just three hare: China blocks access to hydrocarbons is established South American control over energy supplies to Europe, and (in the case of war with Iran) to quickly grow up oil prices, dealing an additional blow to Europe, South American and making the economy more competitive ( since it is even less, depending on supplies from the Gulf).

In the light of such a global alignment of Libya was simply a dress rehearsal (besides Gaddafi was very independent, and built an underground river, tried to introduce the gold dinar and connect African countries against imperialism). A true aim is Iran.

But on the way to Iran is Syria, where the plans for the frisky change of government have failed because of the highest support for Assad from the public and the military. In the "Free Syrian Army" just almost certain to make war, not counting the small and sleepy defectors and foreign mercenaries.

The failure of the technology of the "Arab Spring" in Syria urges U.S. to run across to the direct military aggression (which I have carefully written). But the sanction of the UN Security Council, which was to justify another "introduction of a no-fly zone", they did not get as China and our home used their right of veto. A resolution was carried out through the General Assembly, has only advisory in nature only.

In general, the U.S. State Department are less worried about saving face. At some point, they may not bother to do to maintain the appearance of legitimacy (the repeated violations of the UN Charter to themselves in the past to enrich the proof).

The most incomprehensible to me in this situation — why European favorites do not realize that the destabilization (and the probable war) In Syria and Iran will knock, first, in their countries? And why do they not realize that the U.S. is waging against their brutal economic war? And if they understand, why do not react properly, continuing to support the South American initiatives against the Arab world (and, therefore, against Europe)?

I only have two versions. First, that many European favorites (in general, and the favorites of the Arab League) are all just puppets controlled. Not in vain, as, for example, Nicolas Sarkozy, called the "American boy". Second, that they are part of a supra-national "elite" and the interests of their own states do not motivate (the corporate interests of the banking and financial elite is more important to them). Between the two versions are not fundamentally important differences.

Certainly, the Western elites do not want to turn away from the neo-liberal doctrine, will be required to continue the war for control of resources. What makes it virtually inevitable in three wars: the war against Syria and Iran war against The Russian Federation and the war against China.

What I kind of disagree with Romanenko, so it is that in some of the possible layouts Ukraine can avoid role in future conflicts. She is already involved, already bears the loss.

In 1-x, we lose markets. Egypt, Libya, Syria and Iran — we have already lost several billion dollars tovaroooborota, and lose even more.

In-2, we lose the ability to access Iranian oil (and in the long term — and to the Middle East in general).

B-3, freezing transactions with Iranian banks, as it has recently done at the head of the NBU with watermelon, we almost take sides in a future conflict, which can respond unpredictable consequences. And let the later Emperor Arbuzov and other jihadists highest bureaucrats say that "we do not mean it," if they manage.

And, finally, in the fourth, no matter which side currently accept our homeland, the next war against RF will still be inevitable. The logic of cannibals do not know the term "ally" that can build on the example of the U.S. stoked EU countries — of their own NATO allies. And, judging by recent Russian actions of management, there is also aware of this.

And if there is a war with Russia, the first will be to destabilize the country along its borders — Baltic States, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and, of course, Ukraine.

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