The Gulf countries have decided to withdraw ambassadors from Syria

Gulf states decided to withdraw ambassadors from Syria

The Gulf countries, which are included in the GCC (Cooperation Council for the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf), withdrawing ambassadors from Syria.
Prior to this decision have already left Syria after the United States, Italy, England, Germany, Spain and France.
Now leave Damascus ambassadors states like Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain. Earlier, the GCC decided about the recall of their own representatives from among a group of observers.

Recall that the Arab League has sent observers to Syria's own at the end of the year. Then the signing of the Syrian-Arab agreement on the admission of international observers from the League. January 23 in Cairo, the Arab League renewed the mandate for its own observers in Syria until the end of February while expanding capabilities of the mission. Official Syrian authorities to agree on the Arab League decision to extend the mission. But then the Arab League decided to suspend the operation of the mission. The motivation was followed by "the increased level of violence" in Syria.

For 10 months Syria last clashes between opposition and government forces. Every day people are killed, including the peaceful inhabitants. According to UN estimates, during the confrontation has killed more than 5 thousand people. At the same time, the official said Damascus on more than 2-tyschah victims of the security forces Syria at the hands of armed extremists.

On Saturday, the UN Security Council of the PRC and our homeland blocked a resolution on Syria, presented by the Moroccan delegation. This is the second case of veto of the draft resolution, which China and Our homeland is called one-sided. Moscow and Beijing are rightly fear a repeat of the Libyan events on Syrian soil, because in favor of the continuation of negotiations.

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