The head of Roscosmos does not like people working professions?

The head of Roscosmos does not like people working professions?Tangled with the fall of the rocket "Soyuz", which could not be put into orbit gallaktichesky "truck", "Progress", as it turned out, could not difficult to resolve. Recall that on August 24 this year gallaktichesky ship launched from Baikonur, and then was lost and soon fell in Altai. The public, usually, was thrilled another incident with Russian gallakticheskim device. For a few days before the disaster Roscosmos lost communications satellite. And again — the tragedy. New Head gallakticheskogo Office General Popovkin here got a lot of questions about the circumstances of the accident, which has turned into a real bad tendency. The general took a pause, said about running a large-scale test, and later said that all the guilty will be found and punished.

But our home is distinguished from other states, we have no one to blame in the detection range. In all the major historical era in our state was to track down at any cost, and punish the guilty so that dear mother did not find out. Only now often find themselves in the middle of the guilty people, quite frankly, not of the highest rank. Since the economic crisis in the country, we simply can be attributed to the cashier short-changed in a savings bank, a sharp rise in the cost of gasoline — for refueling, which Do not top up with 50 grams of fuel in the tank.

Done the same in the situation with the fall of the ship "Progress". Only General Popovkin reported that the ship could wreck due to depressurization of the pipeline propulsion systems, as sagacious head Roscosmos here speculated that the blame around Voronezh welders. Naturally, welders, who else! Excellent explanation of the situation. It turns out that our defense industries welder is still higher than the engineer, regulatory bodies, and even higher than the CEO. Why? Yes, because, judging by the excellent monarch Popovkina assumption is that these same weld welders, even inspect the factory no one has the right. The Commission, which is to inspect the finished product, inspects the ship completely, but here's the work of welders they do not question, but simply pass welds.

At right is a picture of the head, as in the Voronezh Mechanical Plant comes commission infuriated and says, "Well, where there is that your welder Bob? Hey, Bob, Bob, how did you let us down (ie, rescued)! "And, indeed, if it were not for this welder, which may threaten real time, with absolutely great, then the court would have to take the rap is a completely different people. With all of this, General Popovkin lose sight of not only the fact that the plant has hundreds of people get paid for the control of such Vasi-welder, and that the last and the most basic form, is responsible for all the "indigestion" and "nedokruty" in Russian astronautics — he himself — Sovereign Popovkin.

We note another story with the role of the Head of Roscosmos sober. Practically for a few days before the tragedy with the "progress" in the tragedy, but the road, and he has participated Gen. in his own car with flashing lights. He rammed the battered capital foreign car mechanic. By happy coincidence locksmith remained alive, but, as he himself says, "I wish I did not stay alive." This is explained by the fact that Gen. Popovkin, blamed the accident unfortunate locksmith, and now he has to pay as much as 1.5 million rubles in favor of the Head of Russian Federal Space Agency. To pay such amount to the mechanic to work, what is called, hard, for another 10 years. Apparently, there is in general Popovkina some dislike for the people working professions. The trend is clear: first locksmith later welder. Who will follow? Maybe a painter, which the wrong color colored fallen companion?

Do not stop to wonder how all the same our bureaucrats can to shield each other. Yes, we are still very far from what is referred to as a civilian society. Had such a situation in the West, General Popovkin has long since he'd picked up the welding machine to the rank of corporal. And in this situation is not the highest ranks would have sent him there, and ordinary people who can not tolerate outright hypocrisy.

It remains to hope that something similar will occur in our country. And yet, to hunt Voronezh welder, which already finds renamed our police do not wish to give up until the end. Perhaps, in this case his personal small victory will be the starting point for the birth of the consolidated company in Russia.

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