The Head of the Altai Republic denies rumors of poisoning animals heptyl

"If someone will give me a bald chipmunk with traces of heptyl poisoning — just give 500 thousand premium" — the head of the Altai Republic Alexander Berdnikov, commenting on the fact that in the region after the fall of the spacecraft "Progress" started "massive sea "animals, including the Red List. Reports the correspondent of IA REGNUM.

August 24 as a result of abnormal situations in flight exploded spacecraft "Progress M-12M". Its fragments fell into the territory of the Altai Mountains. As the ship carrying the International Space Station about 800 kg of highly toxic heptyl, Rosportebnadzor held until mid-September daily monitoring of water, wild plants and soil on the availability of this fuel and heavy metal salts. At the request of authorities, traces of harmful substances were found. At the same time, part of the population believes that the government withhold information about the true state of affairs.

Thus, a resident of the district Choyskiy Eldenova Maria told me that the rivers' floating dead from chemical burns fish ", and the hunters in the woods are dead carcasses and" bald from heptyl chipmunks. "

However, this information is not confirmed neither hunters nor scientists, nor the government, nor any other local residents. However, the words Eldenovoy widely dispersed to the media.

As already reported IA REGNUM, in the five municipalities of the Republic (Choyskiy, Turochakskyi, Chemal, Ongudai and Ulagansky) is the impact area spent rocket stages № 327. It covers the central part of the ridge Iolgo, Sumultinsky, Altyntu and upper reaches Uymen, wad, Large and Small Sumulta. The area is an ellipse 70 by 40 km area of 2198 square meters. km. Used since the 1970s. Over the past decade in solitary places of Altai has accumulated more than two tons of debris. There are cases where parts of missiles fell within the boundaries of settlements. Environmentalists are concerned about the fact that the earth's surface gets spent rocket fuel heptyl, which adversely affects the health of the population. However studies carried out by specialists of different medical institutions, revealed no adverse effects of rocket and space activities on the health of local residents.

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