The head of the concern Almaz-Antey: the army of the Russian Federation once again massively buys S-300B

The head of the concern "Almaz-Antey": the army of the Russian Federation once again massively buys S-300BOne of the recognized world leaders on manufacture of systems and complexes and missile defense Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" noted this week its own tenth anniversary. During this time, concern has strengthened its position in the global arms market at the expense of the creation of such iconic systems such as C-300B, C-400, "Beech", "Thor" and others. At the moment, before the designers and developers is the principal task — until 2015 to make the system S-500 missiles to fight in gallakticheskom space.

To learn how to successfully solve this and many other tasks, our special correspondent Sergey Safronov told the CEO of Concern PVO "Almaz — Antey" Vladislav Menshikov.

— Vladislav, like you describe the role and place of Concern PVO "Almaz — Antey" in the top holdings of defense of the Russian Federation?

Concern was created in the middle of one of the first Russian defense holdings and, in fact, has become pervoprohodchikom solve many problematic issues similar initial step of forming a vertically integrated structures. Because we are not always able to immediately find a solution mean, it happened that were wrong. All other defense holdings that have emerged since we have relied, in particular, and in our experience.

Adopted brand new municipal programm weapons until 2020 is formed in the Makarov that the direction of air defense, aerospace defense is one of the higher priority. Certainly, the huge applets in the United Aircraft Company and United Shipbuilding Company, because I think that these holdings are well developed on the basis of the number of volumes of the software that are already defined.

— You mentioned the expansion of production capacity of the group. Of course, it is about those centers that are planned in St. Petersburg and the Volga Federal environment. Could you tell more about this area? In what terms they will be done, what will be the pressure on them?

— Indeed, three of our more ambitious project — the construction of new companies in Nizhny Novgorod, Kirov and St. Petersburg.
The company in Nizhny Novgorod will create ground-based air defense systems and systems in Kirov — for the production of missiles.
Part of the funds will be allocated for the construction of the budget, but we will fund a large part of its own funds, attracting credit resources. Construction of these plants is planned to finish in 2015 and begin production of products for the needs of the Ministry of Defence and zabugornom contracts with customers.

As for the North-Western Regional Centre, it is a different project, which is carried out only at their own expense. Almost question about the concentration of five Group companies, which are located in St. Petersburg on the same site — on the basis of the municipal Obukhov factory.

The released material after the relocation package will go under vkladyvatelnye goals with the following compensation for the costs we incur in the construction of the North-Western Regional Centre. Credit scheme works here, you can read pretty confident that it worked out and allows us to proceed with the implementation of redundant assets after construction.

The project is fascinating, the decision of the Governor of St. Petersburg, it was given the status of strategic and investor search for the released area will be carried out together with the government of the town.

At the Obukhov factory will focus all our power companies in St. Petersburg — both developers and manufacturers, and the full range of products they produce, will be manufactured at the same site. This project is scheduled to perform in two steps.

In the first step is meant to translate the site Obukhov factory 1st Company — Factory radio equipment, which is already being implemented. Moving the other companies, we expect to finish in the 2014th, the maximum — in 2015.

— Office of the country tasked to establish a unified air defense missile-gun air defense missile fifth generation. Could you tell about this system, at least in the framework of the concept of its construction and the role of this system in the future?

— The creation of a unified system of task antiaircraft missile weapons fifth generation specifically assigned to the concern in 2007. In the framework of the work takes place on the individual modules near, intermediate and distant acts and separate work is performed on the C-500. All of this is done within a single concept in a single plan to solve all complex targets.

The head of the concern "Almaz-Antey": the army of the Russian Federation once again massively buys S-300B
The family of SAM developed CDB "Diamond" in the 60-70's as a substitute for the first-generation air defense missile systems S-75 air defense forces in the country, with the purpose of equipping a mobile air defense units multichannel complex, allowing reflect massive airstrikes

— The line, which has historically developed on NIEMI system S-300V and its following modifications persist? The Ministry of Defence has enthusiasm for this system? Or, as a result, be Universal system?

— The S-300P and S-300V unify the whole unrealistic: they are designed to solve different tasks on different hardware components, with different technical solutions. S-300B is designed for military air defense S-300P — for site-and puzzle one air defense missile systems to different judgments inappropriate to do another one. In GPV-2020 laid pretty huge amounts of purchases modernized S-300V. There are a number of companies that aim to modernize the system and the ready-300V, they are able to do the job.

The head of the concern "Almaz-Antey": the army of the Russian Federation once again massively buys S-300B
Anti-aircraft missile system S-300V. Live-fire exercises conducted by Russian Ground "Ashuluk" (Astrakhan region). Belarusian air defense calculations.

Note: In August last year it was reported that the creation of recognizable faces in the world of air defense systems S-300 in Russia dropped. Last set of S-300PM for the Russian army was made in 1994. Since that time, our native land producing these complexes only for export but for now discontinued and new export orders for the C-300.

— Export-400 is allowed? There is a passport to export this type of system? When you are likely to actually contracting with those countries that are enthusiastic to C-400?

— Certainly, the possibility of delivery of S-400 over the limit there, but, as has already been mentioned more than once, until such time as we do not ensure the n
eeds of our Department of Defense, its exports will be limited.

— What is currently the ratio between the state defense order and export in the income structure of concern?

— It is close to the index of 50 to 50.

— As systems and air defense systems, which are our homeland offers for export competitive in the world market compared with their Western counterparts on the multi-function and combat abilities?

— Many countries are showing sustained interest in the acquisition of military purpose, developed and manufactured by enterprises of concern "Almaz-Antey", which comes in a wide range of list of modern air defense systems of different classes.

The head of the concern "Almaz-Antey": the army of the Russian Federation once again massively buys S-300B
Anti-aircraft missile system S-400 ("Triumph")

Necessary moments, helps to maintain this enthusiasm, are in-1's, the highest tactical and technical and operational characteristics of weapons and military equipment group, which are not inferior, and often exceed the criteria zabugornyh major counterparts, and, second, 2, certain price advantages of our technology. All the more so that the company does not stand still and tries, taking into account trends in the global market of AME and its main parts, to create and offer customers a range of possible new equipment, or a more advanced modification of existing ones.

The geography of export deliveries of military mission group is very broad and covers all the major regions of the world. In Asia — is priemuschestvenno China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, the Middle East — Syria, Africa — Algeria, in Latin America — Cuba, Venezuela, in the midst of CIS countries — Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Deliveries to other countries.

— Your main rival in the global market in the sector of air defense systems — a company Raytheon?

— In the main, yes, although there are others: Thales, Lockheed Martin. But if it is read on the anti-aircraft missile complexes guns in general. According to some sectors, such as the means of radar, air traffic control systems, there are other contenders.

— Are those air defense systems, which are now commercially producing concern, which oppose new means of air attack?

The head of the concern "Almaz-Antey": the army of the Russian Federation once again massively buys S-300B
Anti-aircraft missile launcher system S-400 "Triumph"

— Surely you can read that the air defenses, which are developed and commercially run enterprises of concern, let beat virtually all means of aerospace attack.

— What is the situation in the civilian sector of products manufactured by concern?

— As for the civilian sector, we are passionate about the design and development of automated air traffic control and the parts of the system, receiving and transmitting equipment for digital television and other types of equipment and services. Of the total production concern plainclothes production occupies about 10%.

— The holding company comes bureau "Innovator", known for its developments in the field of missile weapons, namely the system of Club. As the direction of high-precision instruments principally in the product line group?

— Complexes with cruise missiles — is a separate area, which does not apply to our main theme, but the "Innovator" is also the developer and participant in many R & D on defense. With "Innovator" from the beginning, as he joined the group, formed, in my opinion, rational relationship.

We are in no way let and even encourage "Innovator" to address those areas that are not entirely for the Group profile. This company canceled the prospect, it has justified its viability in that niche, which takes a research and production backlogs that have "Innovator" are available, allow him to confidently look not only at the immediate, and for the long term. Its products will be needed. There are excellent output, allowing to increase the capacity of existing facilities.

— How do you want to increase the competitiveness of their products?

— Indeed, the development of Concern within the existing technological structure can exhaust themselves by 2015. Together, an analysis of the status and trends of internal and external market indicates that in the coming years with the competitiveness of foreign firms to seriously worsen over the entire range of our products.

Because for the creation of competitive and promising modern air defense systems, missile defense requires translation Innovative technology base companies Concern on a fundamentally new level, designed to keep its leadership in key products and technologies inside and outside the country. For this purpose was developed and approved by the Board of Directors The program innovator of JSC "Concern PVO" Almaz-Antey ".
If we talk briefly, the mid-term 2015 The program provides for three main areas of activity innovator. This is the development of new technologies (technological innovation), the development and production of new products (product innovation), and innovations in management.

— Concern noted ten year anniversary since the creation. What are its prospects? How do you see the role and purpose of Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey"?

— It would seem that 10 years — the life of a small to large companies, but in our reality is an important date, which gives an opportunity to take up the perineum.

The head of the concern "Almaz-Antey": the army of the Russian Federation once again massively buys S-300B
Gallakticheskie Forces troops

We were pretty confident the crisis of 2008-2009, although were in a very difficult criteria such as, in general, all businesses industry. We have kept the demand, competitive products, retain customers as inside the country and on the outer markets. New developments that are underway will ensure the preservation of our dignity in the arms markets. From the perspective of the restructuring, the construction of a new kind of our holding company — we are on this path already up, we have some plans.

But the main concern prospects — in the creation of a system of air and space defense.

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