The head of the Ministry of Defense said that the German tanks of the Russian Federation are not needed

The head of the Defense Ministry said that Russian German tanks are not needed

Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov in private reported to the State Duma on the reform of the army. Those present at the meeting of the deputies told specifically what the head of the military department thinks about the reasons nedavneshnih explosions at military depots and how he has responded to calls to resign.

On Wednesday, at a closed meeting of the State Duma of the press under the "government hour" Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov discussed with members of the state of Russian military-industrial complex (MIC), that is the situation with the implementation of the state defense order in the past year and the state defense order for 2011 year.

After the speech, minister told reporters that the Russian army is not planning to buy any Russian tanks or foreign production. Moreover, Our homeland is not going to enter NATO standards for military equipment and weapons. "Leopards" we do not buy, as well as our (the discussion about tanks — approx. Gaze), "- said the minister, noting that they" do not meet "the requirements imposed by the military department.

Responding to questions about what means in the event of war is to fight acts of the Russian army, taking into account that the Defense Ministry does not buy new tanks, Serdyukov said: "The fact that we have in stock." Recall the Russian Federation plans to purchase from the country — a NATO helicopter in France of the "Mistral" triggered speculation that the Russian armed forces can subsequently move to NATO standards.

Expert at the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, Konstantin Makiyenko gaze newspaper explained that in this case the minister was referring to the adequacy of potential Russian troops specifically to contain the internal conflicts in the country.

"Conflicts can be of various types. This is not necessarily anger against Russia. More affordable separatist rebellions or local conflicts by type of war with Georgia in 2008. To curb this kind of conflict-military technical equipment Russian Armed Forces fully satisfactory ".

Commenting on the refusal of the Russian army to cross the so-called standards of NATO, the expert stressed that such concepts do not exist. "This concept is being replicated in the press, but there are no specific requirements for it is not hidden. Yet imitation and copying the strategy of arms, adopted by NATO, the Russian Federation is not profitable for political reasons. Buy "Mistral" is not evidence of such a transition, "- he said.

"It's not hopeless"

First deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Defense Yuri Savenko told the gaze that open a discussion at a meeting of the purchase of certain types of weapons and related tasks.

"Serdyukov read that the defense as before experiencing great difficulties. Defense industry are trying to improve the existing situation in terms of engineering and design idea, and in terms of technical performance. They work on the bugs, but the gap is still very large. But I think the case is not hopeless, people are working, "- he said.

# {Weapon} Chairman of the Duma Defense Committee Viktor Zavarzin also said that the main emphasis in his own speech minister done on the topic of the state defense order.

"We are aware that at the moment to replace the concept of a mass army run across the world's leading countries in the preparation of doing so called network-centric warfare, and it means a fundamentally new quality of engagement" — said Zavarzin. That's why, explained deputy, it was decided to transfer the Armed Forces newcomer to content services, why, and was adopted by the programm weapons until 2020.

"For the" wars of the future "should be qualitatively new tool that provides constant and forestall the enemy an advantage in applying precision strikes. And this, of course, raises a fundamentally new tasks before the defense, "- said deputy. Therefore, in his opinion, it is necessary to tighten the requirements for the defense industry on the serial purchase advanced weapons and military hardware, "Interfax".

In keeping with this theme the chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov said the new center of the combat training of military personnel, which is the birthplace of our purchases in Germany, must be paid back in two to three years. "This will happen due to the fact that the troops will be less to operate military equipment, waste engine life, fuel and ammunition," — he said.

"This is a tremendous base simulator with advanced software that allows you to operate even what kinds of actions in each simulator and a group of trainers in general. This will help teach soldiers more modern methods of warfare "- Makarov added, recalling an agreement to begin designing the combat training center was first signed in February. Price simulator is not called. The object may seem on the basis of the landfill, "Mulino" in Nizhny Novgorod in 2012.

According to the deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Defense Igor Barinov, the meeting also decided to take the rest of the month bills on deferment from military school students, graduate students and students of secondary technical schools.

"There will be three separate bills. First — for students. Prior to October 1 will be granted an extension of all, everyone will get the opportunity to do that. Second bill would settle roughness delays in providing graduate students, and the third — will solve the problem with delays for students in secondary special education, "- he said.

"Is not it easier to resign"

The hot topic of the meeting were nedavneshnie explosions weapons arsenals in Bashkortostan and Udmurtia. According to Barinov prerequisite nedavneshnih explosions at military arsenals in Bashkortostan and Udmurtia was improper storage and human factor. "In fact, all the members of warehouses voices. Serdyukov said that the remnants of this era Russian ", — informed the MP.

Referring to the incident in Udmurtia, Barinov said that all munitions were on the 102-m arsenal Head Missile and Artillery Directorate Ministry of Defense, got there in the early 90-ies of the last century after the abolition of the Warsaw Pact. They were taken from Germany and Hungary.

"All of this was kept open method in the field. Because there are questions about whether there were measured any general characteristics, such as pressure or temperature. But it is not only the problem of Udmurtia. In warehouses so much ammunition you need to destroy for decades, "- said the master.

Commenting on the reports of some media reports that the state of emergency was Tipo organized in order to hide the evidence of theft, sir expressed doubts about the reliability of such releases.

"It is unlikely. It was burning in the 90s, perhaps, at first the 2000s. Then the burning warehouse, and later standards of arms, which seemed to have been destroyed by fire, we found the rebels in the North Caucasus "- reminded the deputy, at one time head of the regional department of the group" Alpha ".

Barinov also gave explanations Serdyukov that "a lot of stores, clearance teams were preparing for disposal, but, as usual, not everything get
s done in the form in which it is planned to waste because there are involved conscripts' .

In turn, the Communist deputies proposed to the Ministry of Defense led to think in this connection of his own resignation.

"Is not it easier for you to resign?" — Gave words of a representative of the Communist Party faction spravedross Oleg Shein. "In my opinion, this asked the minister Anatoly elbow. Serdyukov on this proposal does not answer and did not comment on, "- said the MP.

Recall that in the last few weeks in Russia happened at once two large accident on the arsenals: first fire and explosions at a military base in Bashkiria, and then fire again as the explosions of ammunition in the Udmurt stock. As a result, suffered a peaceful inhabitants of the state of emergency, there are casualties.

"There is nothing secret"

As part of a morning discussion about the work of the Communist Party faction tried to reach the open "government hour" with Serdyukov. First deputy head of the Communist Party faction Sergei Reshulsky asked "what the secret here is going to report to the Secretary of Defense."

"In all the previous closed meetings I had never heard, and no I did not confirm that we are here discussing something secret" — he argued. "What he would say to us? That the "Mistral" does not deliver fully loaded? It is not a secret, "- said the deputy.

"That ruined the training of officers — also not a secret — he continued. — The fact that the soldiers who had gone down, do not get housing — not a secret. " In this context, the proposed Reshulsky "declassified" with this part of the plenary session.

His co-worker Valentin Romanov also claimed, that Serdyukov has given a clear explanation of the open, why our homeland spends 1.2 billion euros to buy 2-"Mistral" without electric equipment.

Sharp rebuke these speakers gave the vice-speaker of the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky. "We, too, all 40 people can act, to seek to open the" government hour "and the justification for a moment to waste," — he said.

"Half a day we will work to open the meeting? If the faction received one proposal, should no longer be "- highlighted the deputy. In his view, must necessarily be a closed regime, in particular the criteria worsening international situation. "

Summing up the discussion, the speaker Boris Gryzlov said that on the advice of the Duma, it was decided that "the operation will be closed." After he put the issue to a vote, for, to save the previously approved format of work, voted 317 deputies, 90 were against it.

Recall, the practice of holding closed "government hour" with the role of Defense Minister Serdyukov appeared with the mission to the post in February 2007. BACKGROUND Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov answered questions from MPs in the open to the press.

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