The head of the Pentagon confirmed that the United States might attack Iran

The head of the Pentagon confirmed that the United States might attack IranThe United States "will take all necessary measures to prevent the development of nuclear weapons by Iran." ITAR-TASS reports that it was declared Leon Panetta, head The Pentagon, in an interview with broadcaster CBS.

With all this Panetta, a reporter's question about whether the United States put strike Iran's nuclear facilities in the event that exploration will have data to support the development of Tehran's nuclear weapons, replied in the affirmative.

In his view, "Nuclear tool Iran may be cast less than a year. "

Ehud Barak, head Israel's Defense Ministry, speaking on December 12 at a conference in Vienna, spoke about the need to introduce the "immediate, crippling sanctions" against Iran in order to prevent the emergence of nuclear weapons in Iran.

Recall the rumors about being prepared attack the United States and Israel against Iran have started to open a discussion in the media after a controversial report internationality Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), proving that Iran is close to developing nuclear weapons.

The English press before the release of the document said that in the event of impact of the United States on Iran in the UK is preparing a plan to support military operations, and that Israel also discusses the possibility of attack.

Following the publication of the IAEA report is the same British press published information about what Israel can do strike since December 25.

In general, Leon Panetta, head Pentagon, then warned against the strike, which may turn up "unpredictable consequences", also urged the use of other means of pressure on Tehran — a very tough diplomatic and economic sanctions.

Our homeland is categorically against impacts to Tehran, as against new sanctions. In Moscow, the imposition of sanctions is considered counter-productive, also note that the problem of nuclear can be used as an excuse to control change in Tehran.

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