The heroism of the defenders of Sirte delights the world!

The heroism of the defenders of Sirte delights the world!

"… Right French newspaper" Le Figaro "recognizes that the units of the armed patriots with the heavy artillery and tanks in Ragdaline also retain control over Jmeil, al-Assah Ajaylat and the west. On the Dangers of traitors in the" PNC "and NATO was answered affair, in which the Patriots destroyed the 1st of their favorites, Fatah al-Idrisi — and continue its strategy of decapitating enemies, increasing the turmoil, demoralization and disorganization in their midst. If NATO media they say so, then we have to imagine that the reality even more unfavorable for this brutal military organization led by the Pentagon, in which Canadians and Europeans are just regular occupants of Libya. "

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Imperialist French newspaper "Le Nouvel Observateur" in the chronicle of October 6, recognizes that the armed men reflect the new coming of the traitors on Sirte — which mobilized thousands of well-armed mercenaries through NATO in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Inmate Sirte said that not only the military, but every citizen is a soldier, which lost loved ones from brutal bombing NATO in recent weeks. He said sternly, "NATO killing the innocent. I do not forgive. "Resistance Sirte stunned the world and calls for struggle against imperialism!

OZYSM: "Reuters" reported that "the coming of finishing" the rebels in Sirte close to, to drown:
"Forces priklnnye Muammar Gaddafi held back government forces [read: NATO rats!] Trying to grab the home of former Libyan favorite on Thursday, making predictions about the end of the bout frisky very optimistic," — says "Reuters".
"(Bandits of the NPCs) have not shown any progress in moving towards the center of Sirte in the last 24 hours" — "Reuters"
"We have a lot of killed" — reads one NPCs of the militants.
This implicitly suggests that the rebels entered the city with the knowledge of the army Jamahiriya, their progress is monitored by loyalists.
"Reuters" quoted civilian persons claiming that most of the defenders Sirte — ordinary people "fighting for their homes and their own kids dying," "lost their own brethren. mothers and sisters." The paper also finds expression, accusing NATO of this development.

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