The hot water of the Caspian Sea

Certain clock was made read on the borders of the country that are visible, as they say, to the naked eye. This is like so reasonable that read More about any variants borders seemed more than an unusual thing. But seemingly not always so. There comes a time when the person himself suddenly realizes that the laws of the forthcoming development is an urgent need to correct. This kind of adjustment happened with municipal boundaries. In this case, with the boundaries of water … You rightly say that here and with the land, it is sometimes difficult to understand, and "see" how things are out there on the cross-border cases and under the water — three times as hard. And this is really the case.

Hot water of the Caspian Sea

The man, which already had to go through all sorts of majestic and mighty are not very depressed, get out on the surface of the huge wave of global economic crisis, began to realize that natural resources can provide some guarantee of future development. No matter how much we talk about new energy sources: ethanol, wind power plants and solar cells, An old but good raw materials, plant and animal resources have long years will be to identify and exchange rates, and the state of the world economy as a whole.

That is why many countries have severe attention paid to their maritime borders. Not a lot of that on the location of the maritime boundary may depend on the volume of production of fishery resources, so the question still shows the use of the continental shelf, which suddenly found significant supplies of hydrocarbons. Specifically, the shelf can suddenly reincarnated into a prosperous middle peasants economic government, exporter of oil and gas. In this regard, the territorial disputes in the world only intensified. Now the world can calculate a good pair of 10-s regions, particularly where sea border is the subject of fierce inter-state disputes.

This situation and the Caspian Sea, where coastal countries for many years trying to find a compromise on the issue of separation of aqua smooth surface and depths of the sea among themselves. There is almost every square kilometer area can generate fabulous profits, because hunting nautical miles and lasted up to the present time.

Azerbaijan, our homeland, Turkmenistan, Iran and Kazakhstan aware that divide the "gifts of nature" has long time, but lose even the smallest benefit no one has lust. Not enough of trying to intervene in the situation and external players who do not care for "Caspian dispute" do not have. And, again, it's the European Union and the United States, lobbying for the construction of a gas pipeline «Nabucco», in which the Turkmen and Azeri gas bypassing Russia will be transported to Europe. West all the forces trying to "help" solve the offshore Caspian states disputes, that the idea of the gas pipeline started to be implemented. One of the methods of "foreign aid" was to become the Prague Energy Forum. But the plans of Europeans suddenly upset the head of the Kazakh and Turkmen delegation. They decided not to put their signatures to the document, which the West referred to the "Caspian Energy Charter." The thing is that not so long ago deteriorated so called "offshore" disputes between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. Azerbaijanis have already signed contracts with British Petroleum to develop fields Kjapaz and Chirag, but the old-new Turkmen President Berdimuhamedov said that these deposits belong only to Ashgabat, because we have no rights Baku to contract no. And if not right, and read the construction of the pipe joint is still very early.

For obvious reasons, the European Union and the United States were not ecstatic about the fact that Baku and Ashgabat were not able to resolve the issue because it needs the West. And there is still added and Astana, which is also not averse to make a claim on the ownership of offshore fields.

Surprisingly, such a deadlock Caspian now plays in favor of. Indeed, while the former brothers in the Union will find out things, even at full capacity, "Nord Stream", and of the fate of the South Stream will also be more transparent.

Initially, it was planned that the pipeline will be on the days of the Caspian Sea in 2013, and the first cubic meters of gas will be transported through it to Europe by early 2014-th. But after mutual picks Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan are the prospects for Brussels and Washington in the best case moved a couple of years later, and in the worst case «Nabucco» forever is realized only in the European figures. Intractability Berdimuhamedov very alarmed West, and his position is now being intensively criticized in the western media. Criticism looks then as follows: President of Turkmenistan is trying to put a spoke in the wheel of development of partnerships between Europe and virtually Turkmenistan. Immediately after that received a portion of the Turkmen favorite critics also evident with "orange" overtones. "Berdymuhmadov usurped power in the country and now prevents the conduct real business to foreign companies on the territory of Turkmenistan." Say something so very many votes (97.14%) scored this Gurbanguly … first swallow "orange sentiment" has waved its wings over the head of Turkmenbashi II.

One would imagine that if Turkmenistan does not want to come in contact with the West, then surely he is going in the direction of Russia. But no such luck. Berdimuhamedov and Moscow gives to understand that he will stick to his point of view only — no pressure from the outside. The question is how to fuse the Turkmen enough favorite, and not very fast if he shows off his abilities in the foreign policy arena.

Let us not forget that Turkmenistan has the status of the 4th country in the world on the supplies of gas. Reluctance same with anyone to share their wealth today can lead to very sudden for the country and her favorite consequences, and for a country that does not have enough military power to protect their wealth. Declared military neutrality Turkmenistan's unlikely for anyone in the West will be an occasion to throw Berdimuhamedov alone, and besides, alone with their "own" gas.
And if you imagine that a conflict with Iran will be developed, Turkmenistan bezotstupno "asked" to be in the subsequent time posgovorchivee.

Of course, the debate on the Caspian Sea can not continue endlessly. Because of the Russian Federation to the same popular to explain his own partner from Ashgabat and offer his way out of the impasse, until the path is completely different disposition offered no other.

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