The Indians told the truth about Roswell


65 years have passed since the crash near Roswell in New Mexico, which allegedly crashed alien ship aliens. Not so long ago, the foreign press reported that in August of the same in 1947, the local Indians Apaches watched the collapse of another alien device.

In this case, the Apaches found inside the machine alien. July 8, 1947 press published a report on the Air Force and crashed flying disk, discovered the owner of a ranch near the town of Roswell.

The text message said that the farmer, who did not have telephone service for several days kept the wreckage at home, and then handed them over to the county sheriff Cheyvis, which, in turn, contacted the command of the nearby Air Force base. After the discovery examined the military, it was transferred to the headquarters of the higher command.

In the night from 12 to 13 August 1947, six Indians settled down for the night in the desert area, located in southern New Mexico. When the Indians dined what God has sent, very close, a powerful hum, a flash of the flash and the earth trembled under my feet. The Indians jumped up and with lanterns in their hands rushed to the scene. There they found a cylindrical device, crashed into the ground.

Luke device was opened, the cover was lying nearby. Looking inside, the men saw where the "little man in a white suit, with a big head and big eyes, who was lying on the floor, writhing and twitching at times." The victim was taken to the camp, and the next morning took him on a stretcher to the village. He began to treat the local media, and soon Star Brother (as the locals call it) has started to recover.

After a while, the stranger was able to make contact with the Apaches. He communicated with them using on him continually purple crystals that transmit the image on the screen. Humanoid told that aliens visited Earth back in the days when there was no life. When on earth life began, the newcomers are constantly adjusted the process of evolution.

Sometimes this adjustment resulted in positive changes, sometimes not. All these details the grandson of one of the Indians, allegedly saved the stranger, in his book, "Terra. Unknown Story of the Earth." He claims that all the facts had told him in 1976 by his grandfather, in turn, having learned it all from salvaged alien.

According to the author, who calls himself Robert Morning Sky (Robert Morning Sky), humanity was derived humanoids as assistants for them. Subsequently, the "owners" of the Earth changed: we began to control another alien race — like creatures gray lizard, which, in turn, have been withdrawn even more advanced race from a distant galaxy.

They still secretly control us, using earth's resources and to experiment on humans and animals. Gray lizards are in contact with the governments of several countries that provide secrecy of their technologies. So really do not know anything about UFOs, and they are seen as something supernatural, though some officials are well aware of what it is.

In addition, the aliens have a base on the moon. As proof of alien control over humanity Morning Sky presents different structures that could not be, in his view, built by people. This terrace Baalbeck in Lebanon with giant steps and columns, as if intended for the tribe of giants;

Arch Druid in the National Park of Utah, which are carved mysterious hieroglyphs and furrows that can be left alone laser, located in the same newspaper with the rock-carved on it prints six-toed feet, which, in turn, lead to a silhouette of a vertical structure on three pillars.


In the epilogue to his book, Robert says: "You can either believe or not to believe a word I say. Truth is all, or fiction — you decide yourself." However, most researchers are skeptical about "Rozuellovskoy catastrophe" and the subsequent her events. Dan Brown's book "Deception Point" writes "

The case … in Roswell was not more than a crash during a test flight spy satellite to monitor Soviet nuclear tests. The secret project was called "Moga". The device then off course and crashed in the desert of New Mexico. Unfortunately, civilians have found it sooner than the military. "

"Alien" version suited security services more than the disclosure of classified information about military equipment. Thus was born the myth of a UFO crash … So, most likely, and the story of "saved" the alien is a myth based on "Roswell." Say what you like, and like fudge yet somehow brighten up our lives.

Margarita Trinity

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