The Magic Thread

Rekut others, that, de, vanished — vanished in centuries past, the water in the sand left Ancient Wisdom. What is not reborn so it is more in the world of Russian, will not rise dawn clear, not light a fire ardent Heart Prophetic Slavs yes Rusich. For the dead hand of your God now stretched over Russia, chuzhebesiem eclipsed many cunning eyes, a shade of black — Iron Cross — fell to the ground … and rushes — flies out of my chest, but once in ancient times our happened: "To be a free Russia? Native Gods! Do you hear? Answer! Answer, conjure: be it Russia? "

Wander through the fields … yes forest wanderer two Slavic perekhozhie — yes old alike. Go-wander — this conversation are:
— Father! Seest whether the gods your family? — Asks the junior senior.
— Behold, son! — Senior responds.
— What are they, Father?

— Our gods, son, yes eyes invisible visible, incorporeal vsevidny yes: that is — if the winds are violent, then — though ardent lights, then — if the water tender, then — like our Earth — generous! They are everywhere and in everything, everywhere and nowhere … Then — like a song in the distance — name somewhere, attract broad expanse of fields, that — like the morning dawn — from the dream of a century, the heavy wake, then — like youth pushed — yearning heart contracts, then — like ancient memory — irresistible force breathe! .. Hark! Can you hear the thunder in the distance? God Strong — Sky Warrior — the beginning of a new time proclaims! For the end time is black, great change is coming — is rising in Russia Righteous Force, Kako and Rod Himself of age was made! ..

Out of the darkness … the centuries, from the time immemorial — pulled-thread weaves magic that ties together the ancestors with great-grandchildren, the past with the future, the gods in common with us, their descendants. And this is called a thread — Generic Memory …
Rekut others, that was lost long ago de thread of the ancient, forgotten all — have renounced their grandchildren Dazhdbozhii Roots. What can not fly Russian soul light birds on the sky, not to sing songs calls as it once was … "We believe a new post doing? — They ask us, stepping menacingly. — The God of the Jews but his son Zhidovinov, mail do not honor their gods? Ali immensely arrogant — if not prompted by a stranger, but his mind want to live? Burn you for being wicked, in hell — with Satan so Aggol him! "
"You're lying, burr! — We answer them. — Not to interrupt the thread of the ancient and will not stop ever! For even in the darkest of times, when burned alive in log cabins Magi Russian, moaning when his native land from the raging alien scum — remembered and honored our nation of the ancient clans of Aboriginal, Ancestor glorious sacred covenants. After all, even their holidays you could not come up — to our Aboriginal Svyatodnyam their ascribed! And do not let the Greek Jewish chuzhebesie pleased at heart of Russian carols, but for baths, but the wild on Shrove Tuesday, but on Krasnaya Gorka, but on the other Svyatodni Svetorusskie and our Native Gods, Koi under different names to his people left! Taco same lie you know that, de, "new" Faith, we are creating now, because we follow the paths of his ancestors, on Earth Svetorusskoy centuries lived — make your Rule Vyšna vertex rights Yes Native Gods by native Russian glory — and even in Dark Age chuzhevlastya, you set, the Holy Faith-Vedanie ancestors were able to save so festivals folk beliefs, songs so magical tales, but in embroidery thread oberezhnoy, solar, yes in many other ways, which is what you name it! How to try, no matter how hard you break the thread of the ancient — it did not work you do and do not come out in the future! You know, stupid, that the Russian people still alive, still alive and will be Vera Vedanie it! It is you in our land — the uninvited guests! So if you have Faith-Vedaniyu our study? "

Wander along the roads … Russian Land pilgrim perekhozhie two — yes old alike. They carry with them a bag Peremetnoe Tyagoyu earth's yes "Book of unburned birch bark," that most of Iria was brought Heavenly Birds prophetic, brought — yes people are given, is given to people, but hidden until the time …
— What is written in the "Book of …" is he? — You ask.
Then smile at strangers, reveal ancient bark, read — proclaimed to the world:

The time has come

Indeed so!
Russ — thanks!

Glory Rod!

Magus Veleslav
An excerpt from the book "The Book of Native Faith:
On descent Vedaniya Rusov and Slavs "

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