The main northern European provocateur

The main northern European provocateurSweden. What associations Russian people show up with all this word? As they say, just for instance, we can recall the Northern War with the Battle of Poltava, the Swedish hockey team, Carlson, Volvo, yes supermarkets IKEA. But since then, some people interested in geopolitics, associations regarding this northern European country can dramatically improve. Over the last couple of years more alarming active anti-Russian stance Swedish government headed by Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, which is part-time favorite of the center-right bloc Kingdom of Sweden.

If you analyze most of the expressions of representatives of the Swedish control for the last 5-6 years, we will see that in the middle of these expressions is no 1st, which is at least indirectly implied friendly relations between nations. Started this anti-Russian epic after one of Sweden's Bjorn Lirvall diplomats at the enlarged meeting of the South American State Department announced that it was time to start helping to Dmitry Medvedev beat against Vladimir Putin, that our motherland has finally become a truly civilized state. At the same time the emperor Lirvall warned Russia that the former modes of partnership with the Russian Federation is not out of the question. What exactly is meant Swedish diplomat, urging the favorites in the Nordic countries to help Medvedev beat against Putin remains a mystery, as his plan immediately rejected the Norwegian delegation. But Lirvalla intensively supported our "close friends in the West" — the Baltic states, which, though apparently, and do not quite figured out who and how to maintain, but if it is aimed against Russia, they immediately raised the "for" both his small hands.

Litsezrev such sincere support of the Latvians, Estonians and Lithuanians, the Swedish authorities decided to strengthen its role in the region. Here, the world heard even a confession, addressed to the Baltic states, by the fact that immediately at the end of the 2nd World Swedish kingdom issued Russian Union of Baltic Nazi collaborators. Now the Prime Minister said that it was a big mistake of the then administration, and that it is imperative to recognize the agony endured by the Balts, trapped under a terrible yoke of Soviet Union. This vibrant role in the fate of the "oppressed" the Baltic states may have caused tears of emotion in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius …

Further Sweden tried to do everything to make the project "North Stream" was not implemented by the Russian side. To do this, invent a variety of assumptions. That Swedes cared probable disruption of the ecological balance in their banks, the possibility of a situation in which Russia will be able to install on the gas pipe spy equipment, no doubt able to watch every law-abiding Swede. Then all of a sudden the government of Sweden recalled that in 1715, the island of Rügen, several ships were scuttled, fragments of which are now, they say, could seriously harm the "Nord Stream". In addition, the Swedes wanted to use the Russian-Georgian conflict, to block the "Nord Stream". Such approval of the Swedish authorities, as "We — with Georgia!" Even after the truth about the war in South Ossetia has come up to the surface, can be read only that Russophobian lobby in Sweden much as ever.

The main northern European provocateurWith all this Navy Sweden often do not show off what they can really resist the Baltic Fleet Russian Federation. In this region, we must admit, Sweden has a significant military power, which, to put it mildly, does not fully tally with the definition of Sweden as a country that respects its neutrality.

The Swedish crown is represented on the sea flotilla of submarines stationed in the town of Karlskrona, 2 fleets of warships in the same Karlskrona and Haninge also amphibious regiment again in Haninge.

Despite the fact that Sweden is not a member of the military blocs (such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization), the Swedish units are increasingly are participating in the so-called peacekeeping missions. Even in Afghanistan, "neutral" soldiers of 3 Crowns became very intense "make peace." A peacekeeping mission in Sweden in Georgia paid off in 2008 at 100% …

Do not forget that the specific areas in Sweden settled down on the website of the Chechen militants "Kavkaz-Center" which operates successfully and now, it is not confusing sovereign Renfeldta. In fact, in Sweden created a springboard for the cultivation of international terrorism against which the Tipo Sweden intense fighting. Stockholm is engaged in peacemaking, after which, for some reason we hear gunfire and explosions, fights extremism and international terrorism, covering extremist and terrorist resources at home, says a neutrality, but with a clank tools, support and Baltic Nazis here calls "assist Medvedev . "

It seems that Sweden is time to issue a new mandate — the main northern European provocateur.

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